We’re a small team of world travelers.
We’re determined to never stop exploring.
We’re not afraid to take the road less traveled.
We’ve seen a lot of places, and can't wait to see more.
We’re insanely excited to share our passion with you.


At Pack Up + Go, we believe that travel has healing properties. It acts as a much-needed break from day-to-day stress. It clears your mind, rejuvenates, and relaxes. Above all, it motivates you to see more of the world, to do more.

Extensive explorers ourselves, travel has not only acted as an introduction to new people, foods, and languages we would not normally encounter, but it has taught us about history, culture, and ways of life about which we may not learn organically. Travel encourages everyone to have an open mind and to step out of their comfort zone.

We’ve traveled to the far corners of the world, often wandering off the beaten path - realizing in the end that the United States has just as many destinations, oddities, and microcultures as anywhere else on Earth. Pack Up + Go is a celebration of our country’s expansive resources, and embodiment of open mindedness, spontaneity, and excitement.

Who says surprises are just for kids?

-Lillian Rafson, Founder + CEO


Our Mission Statement:

Pack Up + Go revolutionizes travel by incorporating the element of surprise to encourage the pursuit of wonder, spontaneity, and exploration in each of our travelers!

Our core values:

  1. Hold the traveler experience above all else.

2. Communicate openly, thoughtfully, and deliberately.

3. Be empowered to explore more + enjoy the ride.

4. Inspire positive change + conscious consumption.