At Charleston Harbor Tours, they know that sharing history doesn't have to be boring! The story of Charleston is told through an exciting narrative as their fleet of ships tour the city's harbor. Climb aboard the Carolina Queen or her smaller companion, the Carolina Belle, for an informed cruise past historic landmarks. For their patrons seeking excitement, the tour company combines its voyage around the harbor with a variety of other adventures.

As the oldest carriage tour company in Charleston, Palmetto Carriages has a reputation for having reliable service and friendly faces. Through extensive knowledge of the city and attentive care of their animals, this family-owned company provides authentic experiences for every person that steps into their carriages. Locals and tourists alike will enjoy the spectacular views of Charleston as they step back in time with the Palmetto family!


The title of top rated City Bus + Plantation Tour Company doesn't come easily - it takes dedication and a touch of real Southern hospitality. Adventure Sightseeing combines these characteristics and more as they provide the Charleston area with a variety of tours! For seven days a week, you can join licensed guides on an exploration of the city's major points of interest. Adventure Sightseeing operates their tours of historic homes, gardens, and forts with climate controlled buses, making it the perfect way to escape the South Carolina heat.


To honor Charleston's origin as an important sailing harbor, Schooner Pride invites you to climb aboard and take in the spectacular views of the city from the water. The company offers a wide selection of sails on their 18th-century modeled boat. You may encounter marine life or just enjoy the thrill of the open waters, every sail is different! The experienced crew does not set a course, but instead lets the boat travel with the winds and tides. Whether you're looking to help sail the Schooner or you'd rather sit back and relax, Schooner Pride is an exciting way to take in the sights of Charleston.