Where are you sending me?

Great question! But if we told you, that would ruin all the fun.

What we can tell you is that we send our travelers to a variety of mid-sized American cities. We know that you don't want to spend the whole weekend in transit, so your destination will be no more than 3-4 hours away from your departure city. We will not abandon you in the middle of nowhere - all of our destination cities have public transportation, and more than enough going on to keep you busy for the 3-day weekend. Take a look at our testimonials page to see where we've sent past travelers. 

What if I know where I want to go?

Pack Up + Go might not be the best fit for you right now. If you know you want to go to New York, you should go to New York! But we cannot guarantee that we'll send you there. In fact, we can guarantee we won't send you there, because it wouldn't be a surprise.

Pack Up + Go is all about embracing the unknown, so if you have a specific trip in mind, we're not a perfect fit for your travel needs.

What if I don't want to go where you send me?

Well, hopefully that's not the case! Here at Pack Up + Go, we know that every city has a lot to offer. We celebrate open mindedness, and encourage you to do the same. We're sure that with your city guide toolkit in hand, you'll stumble upon some hidden treasures no matter where you go, and you might just fall in love with a place you knew nothing about. 


Your budget determines where we send you, how you get there, and where you stay when you’re there. 

If you’re departing from New York with a budget of $450 per person, you probably won’t be flying to Key West and staying in a luxury resort. Instead, you may take a train to Cape May and stay in a bed & breakfast. Or, you may take the bus to Boston and stay in a boutique hotel. 

No matter your budget or where we send you, you will not be staying in sub-par accommodations. The higher your budget, the more options we have in booking your trip.  

Does my budget include food + activities?

No. Your budget covers only your travel + accommodation. We do not book any activities on your behalf, nor we  do pay for any of your meals. We will recommend activities and restaurants, but do not cover those expenses in your budget.


The earlier you book your trip, the better. If we have more time to plan your trip, we can get better deals for you. That said, if you're interested in a last minute getaway - you can book a trip up to two weeks before departure. We'll probably reach out to you directly to coordinate any last-minute travel details, and we can overnight your envelope to you.

can travelers in the same group depart from different cities? 

Yes! This is one of the major benefits of a Pack Up + Go trip. If each member of your group is departing from different places, it can get tricky to coordinate one destination - so we'll do it for you! When you're checking out, you'll need to include each traveler's departure address, so we'll know where everyone is coming from and find somewhere for you to meet in the middle. 


No problem! We know that everyone's schedule is different. We're happy to plan a trip during  the week for you, but it will still be 2 nights / 3 days. When you're checking out, just be sure to note the departure date, and you'll be all set!

i have kids. can they come, too?

Yes! We love planning trips for families. If your children have any specific interests (or any strong dislikes!) please be sure to mention them when you're filling out the survey. We'll make sure to include plenty of family-friendly and age-appropriate recommendations so everyone will have a great time. We may also reach out to you directly when planning your trip to gather some additional information. 

i don't live in america. can i pack up + go?

Unfortunately, no. Our departures and destinations are limited to the continental United States, and are limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Basically, you have to live in the U.S. Why? Things can get tricky logistically with crossing borders. Plus, you receive a map of recommendations on Google Maps, so if you don't have data, you'll lose out on half of the fun!

What if my envelope gets lost in the mail?

Not to worry! We'll be sending you all of the information digitally, as well. You'll receive everything via email at the designated time and place of departure. You'll receive your city guide by email, too, so you can access it on the go. We'll check in a week before you leave to confirm that you've received the envelope, and will make sure you have everything you need before departing if it gets lost.

What if something goes wrong while I'm away?

We'll be there for you. Our customer experience team is available 24/7 by phone or email in case you need anything while you're on your trip. You'll also have the contact information of a local liaison in your destination city who is on call in case anything comes up and can be there to help you with a moment's notice. While we love adventure, we value safety. 

Still have questions? Send us a note or give us a ring! 

hello@packupgo.com / 412-404-6545