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community involvement + DONATIONS:

Pack Up + Go is proud to give back to our community. We volunteer on various projects with Repair the World - an organization that works to build relationships and address local needs in Pittsburgh and around the country. We are also proud to partner with Carbonfund.org to offset carbon produced in our office and by our trips. Read more about our Social Responsibility Program here!

While we are flattered that many organizations and non-profits reach out to us regarding donation requests, we are focusing our philanthropic giving to maximize our impact on the above initiatives. For this reason, we are, unfortunately, unable to provide gift cards and donations to additional organizations at this time.

If you have any specific questions about our giving program, please send an email to press@packupgo.com.


Pack Up + Go loves to work other small businesses and companies who have a hunger for adventure and thrive off being spontaneous! We’re thrilled to already partner with some stellar hotels, restaurants, and tour providers that help make our travelers’ getaways even more special. For more information on our existing Small Business Partners, check out this page.

If are a part of the travel or hospitality sphere — think hotels, airlines, tour providers, restaurants and would like to help make our trips more amazing, send us a note. Additionally, if you are in a related industry — self-care/health brands, wedding inspo sites, travel apparel and goods, national + small business brands — we would love to hear from you!

Please send an email to press@packupgo.com to get in touch and tell us about your company so that we can work together to create something unique + amazing!


At Pack Up + Go, we know that sometimes the only way to explain an experience is to live it. That is why we are happy to work with members of the media + press to provide awesome experiences that you can share with your readers.

We will have you complete the pre-trip survey to give us all your travel details and will customize an itinerary for one of our 90 possible destination cities. Just like when we plan for our Travelers, we want to inspire exploration while providing you with a truly customized experience.

We never provide press trips in an effort to alter the perception of our offerings, but rather, we engage in this practice so that readers of contemporary media outlets are informed of the changing travel landscape and know about the existence of surprise travel. It is critical to us that writers are able to deliver personal, passionate pieces that resonate with the modern traveler.

Please complete the below form at least four weeks prior to requested travel dates! If you have any issues with the submission form, please send an email to press@packupgo.com.


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