Father’s Day is around the corner + we are all reminiscing over childhood road trips, camping excursions + our first trips to Disney World. Traveling with Dad always meant that certain things will definitely be a reality. He’s going to get lost. He’s not going to ask for directions. He’s going to get mad. He’ll also provide quality dad jokes + embarrass your teenage sibling. He’ll take lazy afternoon naps. And, no matter what, there is one thing he won’t travel without...


The Organized Dad

  • Children’s Ages: 30, 27

  • Fleece Vest:

    • Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you won’t catch the organized Dad without his fleece vest. The more pockets the better - but make sure they zip for maximum security.

The Proactive Dad

  • Children’s Ages: 27, 23

  • Nail Clippers:

    • Being uncomfortable is not an experience that lasts very long around the Proactive Dad. If he’s unhappy you can bet that he’ll work to fix it ASAP. Hangnail? Heck no.

The Prepared for Anything Dad

  • Children’s Ages: 33, 27, 24

  • Steel Toe Timberland Boots:

    • While some may go on vacation to slip into something comfortable + relax, the Prepared for Anything Dad never leaves his Steel Toe Timberland boots at home. They may be bulky, but you never know when you’ll have to join a construction site + save the day when away from home!

The Good Time Dad

  • Children’s Ages: 35, 25, 12

  • Tommy Bahama Shirts:

    • Pop open a can of beer, pull up a chair, and settle in for a great day with this vacation party animal. Dressed for maximum chillage, these Hawaiian shirts set the mood for casually seeing a side of your Dad you probably could have lived without.

The Old Fashioned Dad

  • Children’s Ages: 29, 25
  • A Hanky:

    • Yet another industry destroyed by millennials, the great demise of the reusable tissue. The Old Fashioned Dad doesn’t care what the youth are doing, he buttons up his collar, throws on his fanny pack + puts his hanky in his pocket. Sandals + socks never looked so good.


The Sporty Dad

  • Children’s Ages: 21, 15

  • A Golf Towel:

    • It gets hot out there on vacation, good thing the sporty dad has a personal use, golf towel to wipe away unwanted moisture. Though some may find a sweaty towel unbecoming, he is not deterred


No matter what your dad takes on his vacations, make sure you find time to take him on vacation. Afterall, happiness is spending time with those you love + who love you!

What does your dad always bring on vacation? Let us know in the comments!