Unique Summer Outings Checklist

Summer is flying by and if you are like me, you may feel as though you haven’t gone on as many exciting adventures as your fellow Instagram friends. How do they truly have time for all these trips to Europe? You don’t need to go that far to have an action packed adventure. We found Unique Summer Outings in our favorite cities near you! Check off your favorites or add to the list in the comments below. We love to keep our Pack Up + Go family in the know!

Moonlights Kayaking Event - Chicago

Image Courtesy of  Wateriders

Image Courtesy of Wateriders

A different way to take in the city - by Kayak! Go during the best hour of the day as the sunsets behind the tall buildings of the city. You’ll pass the best landmarks that beat any walking tour while still getting pretty good exercise. Paddle away on this amazing sunset tour!

Swan Boats - Boston


Ride along a paddle boat led by a giant swan! You may wonder how the driver can see behind that big bird...we don’t really know either, but we promise it is a safe ride! A beautiful, quick ride around the pond is wonderful on a sunny day in Boston.

Roller Skating in a Church - San Francisco


Enjoy a roller disco party inside an old church. If you don’t know how to skate, don’t worry! They provide daily lessons too. Roll around to your favorite disco songs in a cool atmosphere for all ages - unless it is adults only night. This is fun all night long!

Thai Detox Ritual - Charleston

Image Courtesy of  Earthlings Day Spa

Image Courtesy of Earthlings Day Spa

Find unique spa treatments from around the world at the Earthling Day Spa. During the Thai Detox Ritual, you will even be covered in Banana leaves while being steamed! We don’t know how it can get more relaxing than that!

Kayaking Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh


Kayak down one of the three rivers of Pittsburgh, under the famous bridges and surrounded by the many famous spots downtown! Feel the ripple effect of the boats that pass by or sit back and watch the fountain at the Point. A great location for fun in the sun!

Movies on the Beach - San Diego, California


Are you a movie lover but don’t want to miss out on being outdoors? Check out these awesome movies under the stars as you relax on the beach! All the classics will be playing this summer + there is a bonfire to cook smores or just warm up.

Portland Japanese Garden - Portland, Oregon  

Image Courtesy of   Portland Japanese Garden

Image Courtesy of Portland Japanese Garden

Transport yourself to a Japanese Garden right in the middle of Portland, Oregon. The park is separated into five gardens each with its own personality + twists. Learn the Japanese culture as well with many classes and festivals happening all summer long!

The Venetian Pool - Miami, Florida

Image Courtesy of  The Culture Trip

Image Courtesy of The Culture Trip

Want to get away from the crazy Miami Beaches but still dying to get in the water then the Venetian Pool is for you! The pool was made out of coral rock that now lines the border of the swimming pool. A waterfall is at the end of the lagoon making you feel as if you are in a fairy tale.

Denver Climbing Company - Denver, Colorado

Image Courtesy of   Denver Climbing Company

Image Courtesy of Denver Climbing Company

Take climbing to new heights while learning to climbing real rocks outside. No matter how skilled, or unskilled, you are this team of professionals will find the best + safest path for you + your travel buddies! Challenge yourself to new heights while exploring the rocky terrain.

West Alabama Ice House - Houston, Texas

Image Courtesy of   West Alabama Ice House

Image Courtesy of West Alabama Ice House

You could truly spend all day here, relaxing with an ice cold beer or playing one of the tons of yard games available at this establishment. Dominoes + Card games can be played at any table while others can shoot hoops, play ping pong, or ring on a swing - whatever that means! All fun and games here at the Ice House!

Hot Tub Boats - Seattle, Washington

Image Courtesy of   Hot Tub Boats

Image Courtesy of Hot Tub Boats

Seattle is filled with summer fun! You can stay up in a treehouse or along the water on a houseboat. These options can be luxurious nights or comfy + affordable. While you are there head on a Hot Tub Boat! That’s right a floating hot tub. Cruise along the lake + if you get hot jump on in the water.

Jacques-imos - New Orleans, Louisiana

Image Courtesy of   Jacques-imos

Image Courtesy of Jacques-imos

New Orleans is filled with corky adventure at every turn. You can even participate in real voodoo + ghost hunts. Music lines every corner as you parade down the main streets. The food is to die for with even crazier dishes + staff! Jacques-imos is known for the wild chef who loves to come out to meet his customers. You can even have dinner in a truck bed for two! Reservations must be made months in advance.

Bury the Hatchet - Atlanta, Georgia

It’s time to bury the Hatchet...or throw them? Learn how to throw a hatchet at a target - by a trained professional of course! Once you learn, engage in tournament style games and see which one of your friends is the best - which is obviously you.

Louisville Mega Cavern - Louisville, Kentucky

Image Courtesy of   Louisville Mega Cavern

Image Courtesy of Louisville Mega Cavern

Need a break from the sun? A fully underground zip lining course in a cavern below the city of Louisville. Endear in different courses + challenges with friends + family while learning about the cool location you are adventuring in. A ropes course is also featured + great for any team or family bonding. Hang out underground!

Live on the Green  - Nashville, Tennessee


When in Nashville, you have to hear music! A great way to dive into this cities music culture is by going to Nashville’s free outdoor music festival in August! The festival will have good Nashville eats around the fairgrounds + partnered with hotels to provide lodging for festival goers. This festival is great way for music lovers to come together in a fun environment!

Head to any of these fun activities to create summer memories before it is too late!

Have some other unique activities not on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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