You’ll Miss Having Someone Watching Your Back

Selfishly, I missed having someone to watch my stuff and keep an eye out when I wanted to go in the ocean. I had to pack everything up in a dry sack and take it with me.
— Erin Burke, @time_of_mime_life

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You’ll Need to Stay Alert

Always be aware of your surroundings and you’ll learn to be confident in solo travel!
— Hayley Hosea, @halesyah

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You Might Get Sad

(But It Won’t Last Forever!)

Sometimes you might start to wish you had someone to share the incredible and irreplaceable memories with.
— Hayley Hosea, @halesyah

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You’ll Thank Yourself for Planning Ahead

If I could do one thing differently on my next solo trip, I’d plan better.
— Jen Morilla, @thesocialgirltraveler
Definitely do some research before you go, especially if it is your first solo trip. Find group activities to do so you don’t get lonely. I did a pubcrawl, a jet ski tour, and scuba dive on my trip to Key West and I had a blast with those on each!
— Megan Roberts, @mega_RN

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You May Need to Negotiate

There are sometimes extra charges if you want to do something solo. I was able to avoid or negotiate away many of these surcharges, but it’s definitely something I’m more aware of now and will keep a keener eye out to avoid in the future.
— Erin Burke, @time_of_mime_life

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Remember to Take Care of Yourself

Pack yourself some snacks. When you’re spending time with yourself, you lose track of time. I forgot it was lunch time and was STARVING haha. And pack water!
— Jennifer Tran, @jenmtran

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Solo Travel Knows no Age Limits

I started traveling solo at 20.
— Jen Morilla, @thesocialgirltravels
I traveled on my own throughout my 20s and 30s.
— Erin, @londonerin8
I took my first solo trips when I was 30 and 31.
— Erin Burke, @time_of_mime_life

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Extroverts Need Time Alone Too

As an extrovert, it is still very important to remove yourself from constant interaction with others to hear yourself think. I value time to reflect. If you don’t enjoy being alone with yourself, how will others enjoy being around you?
— Hayley Hosea, @halesyah

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You Might Get Some Weird Looks

(And that’s OK!)

Enjoy every moment. People are going to stare at your because you’re alone, but remember you are doing this for you. Forget the judgement and do you. Make the most of it!
— Jennifer Tran, @jenmtran
It’s humorous how surprised people are when you are adventurous enough to do an activity by yourself. Don’t let others hold you back from going and doing something that’s always been on your bucket list, just go!
— Hayley Hosea, @halesyah

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Being Alone is Not a Weakness

Being alone is actually empowering and freeing. You’ll talk and learn from people you probably never would have talked to if your friend or family was with you - so take advantage and meet all the interesting and knowledgeable travelers around you!
— Hayley Hosea, @halesyah

Photo from Courtney, a Pack Up + Go solo traveler

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