1. Santa Fe Farmer’s Market - Santa Fe

Farmer’s Market is a loose term when it comes to the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market that showcases products from farmers, ranchers, bakers, beekeepers, horticulturalists, shepherds and weavers, just to name a few. You’ll find everything from fresh produce, to home grown flowers, to handmade home decor within this market’s colorful stalls, and 100% of what you find was grown, raised, or made in the Land of Enchantment.

2. Aspen Saturday Market - Aspen

It’s easy to spend a whole day at the Aspen Saturday Market, wandering past over 120 vendors, trying some samples, and getting distracted by the surrounding mountain views. This market is a true Colorado experience offering unexpected gems, like a ceramics studio located inside an airstream van and a custom hat maker, not to mention the dozens of local farmers.

3. Coastal Alabama’s Farmers and Fishermen Market - Foley

This market on the coast offers all the classic farmer’s market goods along with fresh catches of the day. Pick up some prawns alongside produce, bread, and homemade sauces. Or grab a souvenir from one of the handicraft and home goods vendors.

4. Pearl’s Farmers’ Market - San Antonio

Located in front of well known Pearl Brewery, this classic farmers market specializes in locally sourced fruits and veggies. You’ll have piles of produce to choose from, with some varieties that only grow in the San Antonio hill region. Once you finish up your grocery shopping be sure to grab some fresh cut flowers or a specialty dessert to take home!

5. Tiny Diner’s Farmers Market - Minneapolis

Part of an urban farming program run by parent restaurant Tiny Diner, this market focuses on selling ethnic delicacies, fresh flowers, and local produce. It’s a fun place to wander around the gardens, share some snacks and pick up a treat to go!