Pack Up + Go:  A travel agency that plans 3-day getaways around the United States. The catch? Your destination is a surprise until the day you depart!

Our standard trips are 3-days + 2-nights!

Keep reading to learn more of the lingo that you may come across before you purchase your surprise vacation and during your trip! Want to know what our travelers are saying about Pack Up + Go? Read our reviews page with insights from travelers.


Accommodations: We want you to be safe, secure, and in the middle of the action on your Pack Up + Go trip. For that reason, we book hotels that are centrally located in our destinations and do not book with hotels that are below 3-stars - most tend to be a 4 or 5-star accommodation. Keep in mind, if you want a more lavish hotel experience, you’ll need to budget a bit more per night and please be sure to let our travel agents know on the pre-trip survey if you have any specific hotel preferences. All of our hotel partners are non-smoking properties. We primarily book boutique + luxury hotels that each add their own personality and style to your trips. You can also opt for a Bed and Breakfast accommodation if you prefer. Due to the surprise nature of our vacation experiences, we do not currently offer trips with Airbnb stays.

In addition to the independently owned + operated boutique hotels and Bed + Breakfasts that Pack Up + Go books for travelers, we book with locations of the following providers:

  • 21C Museum Hotels

  • Ace Hotels

  • Belmond Hotels

  • Fairmont Hotels

  • Four Seasons Hotels

  • Hotel Indigo

  • Hilton Hotels

  • Hyatt Hotels

  • Intercontinental Hotels Group

  • The James Hotels

  • Joie de Vivre Hotels

  • Kimpton Hotels

  • The Langham Hotels

  • Loews Hotels

  • Magnolia Hotels

  • Omni Hotels + Resorts

  • Sofitel Hotels

  • Sonesta Hotels

  • Starwood/Marriott Hotels

  • Warwick Hotels

  • Wyndham Hotels

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Budget: Your budget impacts where we send you, how you get there, and where you stay. It's hard for us to say what each price point will get you exactly because there are many variables at play.

The primary factors to consider when choosing your budget are your travel dates, and point of departure. If you're thinking of traveling on a major holiday weekend (Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.), we strongly recommend selecting a higher budget ($850+/person). It's simply more expensive to travel on these dates - unfortunately, there are some things even we can't control!

Similarly, if you're departing from a city or state with fewer flight/train options, we'd recommend a slightly higher budget - lookin' at you, North Dakota! ❤️

If you’re departing from New York with a budget of $650 per person, you probably won’t be flying to Key West and staying in a resort. Instead, you may take a train to Providence, RI and stay in a luxury bed + breakfast. Or, you may fly to Chicago and stay in a boutique hotel!

No matter your budget or where we send you, you will not be staying in sub-par accommodations. The higher your budget, the more options we have in booking your trip.

Solo trips are more expensive than our multi-traveler trips. This is because a large portion of the budget is allocated for your hotel or bed + breakfast stay. Unfortunately, it's always more cost-efficient to purchase hotel rooms with multiple occupants rather than one. A hotel room will cost the same, whether one or two people are staying in it, so the per person price for our trips is lower if you've got a travel companion. Solo travelers, we love you, but you're just a little more expensive - so call your friends!

We only guarantee that your budget will cover your travel + accommodation. For every getaway, we recommend great activities and restaurants, but we cannot promise to cover those expenses in your budget. However, if there is extra room in your budget once we book your travel + accommodations and charge our service fee, we use those funds to book trip extras such as restaurant or rideshare gift cards, activities, and more. We cannot guarantee these extras since travel prices fluctuate pretty drastically depending on travel dates, departure locations, etc.

If you have any questions or special requests regarding activities for your trip, please send us an email or give us a call!

Departure: Your departure is when and where you are leaving from. Your departure date, which travelers tell us on the pre-trip survey, is the day that you would like to leave. Unless otherwise noted by the traveler, the trip will be planned for a 3-days + 2-nights starting on the departure date. While our most commonly selected dates do fall over the weekend, you can depart any day of the week - we have trips departing 7 days a week!

The departing location depends on the type of trip selected. For road trips, travelers usually depart from their homes and for plane and train trips, we will tell you when and where to head to the airport or station.

If you are planning a group trip where travelers are coming from different cities, we know that it can get tricky to coordinate a destination + airfare. One of the major benefits of a Pack Up + Go trip is that we'll do it for you! When you're checking out for a Plane or Train trip, you'll need to include each traveler's departure address, so we'll know where everyone is coming from and find somewhere for you to meet in the middle. For our Road Trips, we do require that all travelers depart from the same location so that we can create custom road trip directions for your getaway.

Envelope: Your Pack Up + Go surprise destination envelope contains your surprise destination, recommendations, hotel information, and other fun information for your trip. The envelope will be mailed to you one week prior to your departure. It should arrive a 2-3 days before your departure date, but if you are concerned, feel free to reach out to our team! If you are wondering where the envelope will be sent, we address them to the first traveler listed on your pre-trip survey. If there is one traveler in particular who you want to receive the envelope, make sure you fill out their information on the pre-trip survey first. This is particularly important if you are filling out the survey to celebrate someone's birthday, graduation, etc. and want them to receive the envelope to their address. If you believe that you made have made an entry error on your pre-trip survey, please do not hesitate to reach out.

There will only be one envelope mailed if your group is departing from the same airport, even if your group's travelers have different home addresses, there will only be one envelope if you are leaving from the same airport. If members of your group are departing from more than 1 airport, each departing airport group will receive an envelope.

For example, let's say four friends are going away on a vacation. They have all completed the pre-trip survey together and listed their home addresses, as well as their departing airports. Three of the travelers are departing from Philadelphia International Airport and one of them is departing from Pittsburgh International Airport. This trip will have 2 total envelopes delivered to 2 travelers. One envelope will be sent to the first traveler who is departing from the Philadelphia International Airport. This traveler should bring the envelope to the airport for everyone departing from Philadelphia to open together. The traveler who is departing from Pittsburgh International Airport will receive their own envelope, since they will not be in the same departing location as the others.


Nercited: the nervous and excited feeling you experience while waiting to learn your Pack Up + Go surprise destination. Don’t worry - everybody knows how you feel!

Pre-trip Survey: The survey is the first step in the Pack Up + Go journey. Travelers (like you!) come to our sign-up page, where they choose a road or plane/train trip, the number of travelers, and budget per person. From there, they fill out the survey, giving our trip planners the information they’ll need to design an unforgettable vacation. This form is where you will tell our travel agents additional information that will help them pick a destination that is great for you. Some of the key points of info are travel history, personal interests, what your trip is celebrating, and a section called “Is there anything else we need to know?”. This last section is where you can tell us any additional information that didn’t fit in another section on the survey - have trouble walking long distances? Really love specialty donut shops? Can’t stand tour groups? Let us know!

Remember--the more info you share, the better prepared our planners are to craft the perfect experience.

Road trip: All Pack Up + Go road trips will include individually created directions from your departing address to your surprise destination. We will also include some great stops along the way in case you want to stretch your legs! Depending on where you live and what your travel history is will have a large impact on where your destination city will be. On average, transit times are between 3 hours and 6 hours, but if you have a specific preference about travel time - please let us know on the pre-trip survey! The budget for road trips includes your hotel or Bed + Breakfast accommodations, as well as valet parking so that you can have peace of mind knowing your car is safe and sound.

Surprise Destination: Pack Up + Go has sent travelers to a variety of mid-sized urban American cities - more than 85! On average, transit times are around 4 hours but can be up to 6 hours depending on your starting location. You may always inform us on the pre-trip survey if you would like a closer or further destination.

We will not abandon you in the middle-of-nowhere - all of our destination cities have public transportation, and more than enough going on to keep you busy for the 3-day weekend.

Pack Up + Go is all about embracing the unknown, so if you have a specific destination in mind, we're not a perfect fit for your travel needs.

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Partner: Pack Up + Go partners are local companies and hotel properties around the country with whom we have established a professional relationship due to their exceptional services and offerings. In many cases, they also offer us a small discount off of the advertised rate, which is passed on to the traveler!

We love our partners (and you should too) because they are familiar Pack Up + Go travelers and are there to provide excellent, in-person customer service if you run into problems or just want some local recommendations. We have personal contacts with each of our partner organizations and this keeps everything running smoothly and ensures problems will be resolved quickly!

Pending: The status feature is a tool for our team internally. Not to worry - we have received your order, and you are good to go! We change your trip status to “fulfilled” once every last detail has been finalized on our end. Therefore, the status of your order actually will not change until a few weeks before you depart. As long as you have received an order confirmation from us, your order has been received and we will be ready to send you somewhere on the departure date that you chose!

Plane: Airplane trips are one of three modes of transportation currently offered by Pack Up + Go - and are our most popular selection. With an airplane trip, you are going to be able to get the furthest distance when you opt for an plane Pack Up + Go trip. Whenever possible, we try to book you on direct flights, 3 - 5 hours away from your departing city, at convenient times. If you would prefer a shorter or longer flight for any reason, please include that information on your pre-trip survey.

Pack Up + Go books transportation for our customers with the following transportation operators:

  • Alaska Airlines

  • American Airlines/American Eagle

  • Delta Airlines

  • Frontier Airlines

  • Jetblue

  • Sun Country Airlines

  • Southwest Airlines

  • United Airlines/United Express

  • Virgin America

  • West Jet

Train: Train trips are another option for transportation for your Pack Up + Go surprise vacation. Unfortunately, not all cities have train lines that can reach other Pack Up + Go destination cities. If you are interested in taking a train trip - or really don’t want to take a train - please include that information on your pre-trip survey and our travel agents will do their best to make it happen!

Travel Insurance: Travel protection is designed to cover both you and the cost of your travel arrangements against a variety of unforeseeable reasons that may affect you or your travel plans.

Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Travel protection provides coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical + dental related issues, emergency assistance and transportation, baggage, baggage delay, travel delay and much more.

We partner with TripAssure to offer travel insurance for your trip. Rates vary depending on the number of travelers, the total cost of the trip, and the departure location. Once you have signed up for your trip, we can send you a quote and you can decide later if you would like to purchase a policy!

Feeling knowledgeable and ready to book your Pack Up + Go trip?

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