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Photo by J. Kenji López

Originating from Cuban immigrant workers in Southern Florida, this ham + cheese sandwich packs in flavor through its multiple layers of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, + mustard, all on Cuban bread. After assembly, the sandwich is pressed into a plancha (similar to a panini press) + served. Legend has it that the Cuban sandwich was a common lunch for cigar factory + sugar mill workers in Cuba and was brought to the states in the early 1900s.

Travel to Tampa, Florida for The International Cuban Sandwich Festival on Sunday, March 31st, 2019 to truly experience all this sandwich has to offer!

Here are our top pics for Cubans in Florida:

Lobster Roll


Photo by Mark Fleming

The Maine Lobster Roll. The quintessential New England sandwich: cold lobster stuffed into a warm bun + served with melted butter or mayo on the side. The possibilities are endless with this roll - the toppings are totally customizable. As long as you butter and grill a New England hotdog bun + use fresh lobster, you’re golden. Although the roll is synonymous with Maine today, the sandwich actually has roots in Connecticut + didn’t gain popularity in the North Eastern state until 1970. While maybe not entirely Maine influenced, the sandwich is still a delicious staple in the state.

Where to get the best rolls in Maine:


Grilled Cheese


It’s a no-brainer. Travel to Wisconsin to have the best grilled cheese of your life (even better than mom’s). With the state boasting more national + international cheese awards than anywhere in the world, Wisconsin knows a thing or two about cheese. With every combination + variation of grilled cheese imaginable, you’ll never be bored or disappointed by ordering its famous sandwich in this dairy state.

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Hot Chicken Sandwich


Photo by Brita Britnell

With roots in Nashville, the Hot Chicken Sandwich is having a moment across the States. This crispy + spicy rendition on classic fried chicken is packed with flavor + spice, complemented with slices of buttery bread + served with pickles + chips. Panfried + marinated in buttermilk, the Nashville Hot Chicken traditional recipe uses two key ingredients: lard + cayenne pepper. Mixed together, they produce the iconic sauce. Hot Chicken has been a staple in the Nashville food scene and has been prepared in African-American communities for generations.

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Banh Mi


Photo by Lan Hue Banh Mi [Facebook]

Thanks to Washington’s Vietnamese population, this Vietnamese-French sandwich is popular in the Pacific Northwest. Banh Mi is served in a baguette, split length-wise, + consists of a fusion of meats and vegetables. Known to include cucumber, carrots, + daikon along with jalapeños + mayo, this sandwich is perfect for a light lunch + is usually filled with pork belly, Vietnamese sausage, or pâté. Fusing Asian, European, + American flavors together, it’s no surprise that the Banh Mi is so popular in this state.

The top spots for Banh Mi in Seattle:

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