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Testimonial Tuesday: Nia + Nehemiah

Q: Why did you sign up for your trip? What were you looking to get out of it?

A: I was hoping for a fun, exciting adventure for my husband and I’s wedding anniversary.


Q: Did you have any hesitations about taking a surprise trip? Were you nervous?

A: I had no hesitations but my husband was a nervous wreck! He was afraid we’d get sent somewhere we didn’t like or that we wouldn’t “get our money’s worth.”

Q: Where did you guess you were going to travel? Were you surprised by the destination?

A: My husband guessed Boston. I really had no clue. We were both very surprised and excited to find out we were going to Philadelphia.

Q: Upon discovery of your destination, what were some of your perceptions about the city prior to your trip?

A: I thought that Philadelphia was going to be pretty much like every other bigger city I’ve been to, but it was so different.


Q: What made the trip feel unique and tailored to you?

A: I felt like whoever wrote the city guides included in our packet knew us personally! There were so many places on there that were right up our alley. Pack Up + Go really took our interests into consideration. The fact that they and the hotel also wished my husband and I a happy anniversary was just the icing on top.

Q: What did you like most about your travel accommodations?

A: I absolutely LOVED the luxury that was our hotel. From the lobby all the way up to our room, we felt like absolute royalty. To know that we got such a nice hotel without even having the highest budget was just amazing.


Q: What was your favorite experience that we recommended for you?

A: Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art was probably my favorite activity. Not only is it a Philadelphia landmark, but it’s also breathtakingly beautiful.

Q: What did you discover on your own (not on your itinerary) in your destination that you feel is share-worthy?

A: Harbor Park in Penn’s Landing is definitely a must see for anyone who visits Philadelphia in the summer.

Q: What was your favorite part of your trip?

A: It’s so hard to pick just one favorite part of our trip. Everything from opening the envelope all the way until we headed home was amazing.

Q: If you could do the trip over again, what would you do differently?

A: If I could do the trip over again, I’d try to squeeze in more restaurants and activities into those three days. There’s so much we didn’t get to do.


Q: What did you learn on your trip, or from your trip?

A: I learned a lot about the rich history of Philadelphia that I had no idea about.

Q: How would you describe Pack Up + Go and your experience to your friends and family?

A: I have raved about my Pack Up + Go experience to just about everyone I’ve come in contact with since I booked our trip. I tell everyone what an amazing experience it was from beginning to end. Some of my friends and family members are now booking Pack Up + Go trips of their own!

Q: What would you say to someone who is hesitant to go on a surprise getaway?

A: I would tell them that it is truly a one of a kind experience. It’s so nice to not have to worry about planning anything. All you have to do is focus on having a good time. Plus, the excitement of waiting to know where you’re going and not finding out until the day you leave is like no other excitement you’ll ever experience. Everyone could use a little adventure once in a while!

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