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Testimonial Tuesday: Nicole + Chris

Q: Why did you sign up for your trip? What were you looking to get out of it?

A: We signed up for Pack Up + Go because we wanted to try something new. My husband works overnights and I work regular business hours, and on top of that, we just bought a house, so our lives have been pretty crazy lately. We wanted a fun and exciting trip that would allow us to recharge and explore.   


Q: Did you have hesitations about taking a surprise trip? Were you nervous?

A: I wasn’t nervous, only excited! We’re a pretty adventurous pair and knew the Pack Up + Go team wouldn’t let us down.

Q: Where did you guess you were going to travel? Were you surprised by the destination?

A: I knew it would be Chicago all along, don’t ask me how, but it was my bet from the beginning. Chris thought Boston or Nashville. We were both ecstatically surprised about Chicago because it was on both of our bucket lists.   


Q: Upon discovery of your destination, what were some perceptions about your city prior to the trip?

A: I thought it would be really busy, very similar to NYC. I was excited about the ease of the public transportation system. As a New York pizza snob, I definitely did not think I would like deep dish pizza (I was wrong).

Q: What made the trip feel unique and tailored to you?

A: Each of the items we checked off on the interest survey were addressed with great recommendations. Chicago was the exact type of city we were hoping to be sent so it seemed that all our preferences were taken into consideration.


Q: What did you like most about your travel accommodations?

A: The hotel was super trendy (definitely Instagram worthy), the coffee shop in the lobby had the best vanilla latte I’ve ever had, and the Broken Shaker cocktail bar was right up our alley.

Q: What was your favorite experience that we recommended for you?

A: It’s a toss up between Wildberry, The Field Museum of Natural History, and Three Dots and a Dash. So many good recommendations.


Q: If you could do the trip over again what would you do differently?

A: Stay longer? ;-) There really isn’t anything we would do differently. It was the experience of a lifetime. 

Q: What did you discover on your own (not on your itinerary) in your destination that you feel is shareworthy?

A: We stumbled upon Ironside Bar and Galley on North Wells St., which had great drinks, cool atmosphere, and fun bartenders.


Q: What was your favorite part of your trip?

A: Walking the 2 miles from the hotel to The Field Museum and taking all Chicago had to offer. We stopped for coffee, breakfast, shopping, and just general sightseeing. 


Q: What did you learn on your trip, or from your trip?

A: I learned to relax and allow someone else to do the logistical planning, which is not easy for me. I also learned that sometimes the most fun comes from just wandering where ever the sidewalks may take you and stumbling upon the best experiences (and food and drinks).

Q: How would you describe Pack Up + Go and your experience to your friends and family?

A: It is probably one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had! I would recommend everyone book a trip with Pack Up + Go!    


Q: What would you say to someone who is hesitant to go on a surprise getaway

A: It’s a little bit crazy, but you choose your travel dates and your budget and answer a questionnaire, and someone else gets to pick where you end up!  It ended up being just the perfect get-away that we needed to relax and recharge.

We’ll have you jumping for joy on your surprise vacation: http://bit.ly/2mpRezQ