Q: Why did you sign up for your trip? What were you looking to get out of it?

A: The mystery and spontaneity of not knowing the destination was very appealing to us. A great way to see different places that we wouldn’t plan ourselves.

Q: Did you have any hesitations about taking a surprise trip? Were you nervous?

A: Nope! Even if we didn’t like the destination it was for 2 nights and 3 days you can find fun in that length of time anywhere!!

Q: Where did you guess you were going to travel? Were you surprised by the destination?

A: Definitely surprised! We guessed Atlanta, Savannah, Miami, New Orleans


Q: Upon discovery of your destination, what were some of your perceptions about the city prior to your trip?

A: Great night life, can be expensive

Q: What made the trip feel unique and tailored to you?

A: The personal note in the envelope, we had mentioned an interest to sit by a pool with a drink and the hotel had a beautiful rooftop pool and bar!! We also marked down LGBT and south beach has a gay beach and bars. 


Q: What did you like most about your travel accommodations?

A: The hotel!!! And equally as great being checked into flights both directions and how smooth everything was. Not one glitch. 

Q: What was your favorite experience that we recommended for you?

A: South Beach, we enjoyed the beach and the bars and finding landmarks from the movie Birdcage.


Q: What did you discover on your own (not on your itinerary) in your destination that you feel is share-worthy?

A: Friends on Facebook recommended Bayside Marketplace and we looked it up and it was walking distance from our hotel.

Q: What was your favorite part of your trip?

A: The whole thing! Figuring out how we wanted to spend our 3 days to get the most out of it! A couple days of relaxing and enjoying a different city!


Q: If you could do the trip over again what would you do differently?

A: Nothing!! Loved it! 

Q: What did you learn on your trip, or from your trip?

A: That we would go back to Miami and that we would definitely do another Pack Up + Go trip!


Q: How would you describe Pack Up + Go and your experience to your friends and family?

A: We tell everyone that will listen, communication was excellent! Everything was done as we were told it would be! The tips in the email the week before were very helpful and very accurate depictions to help with packing.

Q: What would you say to someone who is hesitant to go on a surprise getaway?

A: It’s 2 nights and 3 days! Even if you hate the location you can enjoy a couple days somewhere!

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