The Backstory of “Uncharted: Alone, Afar, Astonishing”

by Lauren Zelek: Solo explorer, consultant and travel guide

5 cities. 6 months. 1 backpack.


On August 3rd, 2016 I boarded a flight to Rio de Janeiro, where I would start my first, solo adventure to a handful of different cities as a 25-year-old American female.

Even though I was very used to travel (thanks to spending some of my younger years in Tokyo with my family), an immense and dark fear weighed over me.

"You’re going to Brazil and Colombia…alone? What about all the political frenzy and Zika?”
“Uhh, aren’t you afraid for your safety? Or having a job when you come back?”

What everyone was telling me about my decision was scary, hard, and a lot like jumping off a terrifyingly high cliff where I couldn’t see anything down below. Anxiety was flowing through my veins; doubt was filling my mind.

I almost didn’t board that flight and embark on this escapade, until a whisper – a call from somewhere deep within – told me it was the right thing to do.

And it was right. Because choosing to travel solo created the kind of personal, spiritual and professional opportunities that put transformative ripples through the universe…and trust in myself.

That’s why I created this video. To show women AND men – of all different backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs – the enormous joy and advantages of traveling solo. From managing your own time and taking safety precautions, to meeting great people with amazing life stories and trusting YOUR decisions, it IS a possible undertaking.

And as I learned, it will open doors you didn’t even know existed…

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