Short + Sweet Trips Are Worth It!

Liz Kelley, @dontgetcrabby

Quick solo trips can be so relaxing, even meditative. You’re alone with your thoughts in a new environment. I visited a beach town in winter, so the whole town was quiet. I loved it.

Pack Up + Go specializes in short, 3-day/2-night surprise vacations, because we think a 3 day weekend is the perfect amount of time to take a break and explore!


You Gain Confidence + Independence

Megan Roberts, @mega_RN

Traveling alone allowed me to have the freedom and flexibility to do different activities at the time I wanted to do them. I think it allowed me to really take in the city I was visiting on a different level. I saw and heard things I wouldn’t normally with a group. I learned that I am not afraid to go out and meet people on my own.

At Pack Up + Go we make sure to send you to cities and sights we know give you the chance to meet other people, try new things and step outside your comfort zone!

hayley hosea.jpg

You Can Do Whatever the Heck You Want

Hayley Hosea, @halesyah

You have complete freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want, which is an incredible feeling. We all have different interests, wants, bucket lists, etc. so this is your time to have “the perfect day” filled with all your preferred activities. Read a book, go to the beach, wake up for sunrise, go to the museum, you name it you get to decide what you want to you.

While Pack Up + Go is there to give you well researched suggestions and recommendations, we still make sure you’re in control of your experience so you’ll have room to explore and grow as a traveler!


Traveling Solo Means No One Knows You

Megan Roberts, @mega_RN

While visiting Key West, I signed up to do a scuba/snorkel day trip. I tend to get motion sickness when out at sea and for some reason the current was extremely bad that day. Once we reached our location, I put on all my gear and was ready to jump in. But before I did, I hurled off the side of the boat in front of every passenger on the trip. I was so embarrassed. But after my dive, I came up to the surface to find out I wasn’t the only one not feeling well. Best part? I was traveling solo so no one knew me.

On a Pack Up + Go Trip you’ll come to realize that embarrassment, uncertainty, and fear are all just situational. You’ll push through those uncomfortable moments to find that it’s when things don’t go to plan that the best memories are made.


You Won’t Know How Awesome it is Until You Take a Chance!

Erin, @londonerin8

Just go. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about yourself.

At Pack Up + Go, we give you the confidence to take that chance and eliminate the difficulty of planning by making convenient accommodations and meaningful travel plans for you! So what are you waiting for? Book you’re solo trip today!