Operations Associate

Job Description:

The Operations Associate assists with the core component of our customer-facing materials! There will be three primary components to this role.

  • Traveler Envelopes

    • These envelopes are the primary touchpoint between our Travel Operations Team and our customers, and play a major role in our customer experience. If you’ve ever seen the Pack Up + Go social media accounts, you know that our travelers find out their destination by opening an envelope. The Operations Associate will ensure these envelopes are packed and delivered without a hitch!

    • The traveler envelopes contain critical information for each trip, and are time-sensitive and personalized for each order. It is imperative that they are organized, contain the correct information, and are sent on time.

  • Road Trip Directions

    • About 12% of Pack Up + Go Trips are road trips. We provide an incredible customer experience by customizing directions from the travelers’ homes to their destinations with curated stops in between.

    • These road trip directions set the tone for the entire trip, and give the travelers a sneak peek into the kind of recommendations Pack Up + Go will provide!

  • Hotel Payment Coordination

    • Since our travelers pay Pack Up + Go up front for their travel + accommodation, we need to ensure that hotels do not charge the guest’s card upon check out, but instead charge Pack Up + Go! This process involves communicating directly with our hotel partners, hotel properties with whom we do not have an established relationship, and others.

    • Ensuring that the traveler’s card is not charged is a crucial part of maintaining the customer experience!

This role will work closely with our Travel Operations Coordinator, Customer Experience Manager, and will report to our Director of Travel Operations.


Responsibilities include:

  • Packing envelopes for each trip:

    • Creating mailing labels for each envelope on USPS

    • Reviewing + analyzing traveler surveys

      • Paying particular attention to:

        • Traveler interests

        • Special requests

        • Activity confirmations

        • Internal notes made by Pack Up + Go team

    • Tracking envelopes to ensure timely delivery

    • Maintaining and restocking printed materials as necessary to keep operations running smoothly

  • Curating road trip directions for each road trip

    • Reviewing + analyzing traveler surveys

    • Creating custom road trip directions beginning with traveler address, ending at hotel, with pit-stops along the way, according to traveler’s interests.

  • Coordinating payments with hotels

    • Overseeing and managing credit card authorization forms

    • Correcting any errors with payments for hotels

Who are we looking for?

Pack Up + Go is looking for a self-starter who will work in our downtown Pittsburgh office and manage their time efficiently with strict deadlines. Attention to detail is paramount, as each trip is unique and requires acute focus.

Additional details:

  • This role will be full time, 40 hours/week

    • Office hours are 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday

    • Flexible vacation policy.

  • We offer SIMPLE IRA contribution matching.


This role is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

All applicants must be able to work in our Downtown Pittsburgh office.

If interested, please submit your resume with references to hello@packupgo.com.