Whether you’re a veteran vegan, a newbie, or someone who just wants to eat more plant-based, the holidays can be a stressful time to stay healthy + mindful! Fear not, we’ve compiled a list our best tips, tricks, + recipes for a tasty + friendly vegan Thanksgiving!


1. have a plan

You know the feeling. Showing up to a gathering + realizing you won’t have anything to eat. Chances are many of the people you’re celebrating with are not vegan, that’s why you need a plan!

  • Stick with the delicious sides (often the best part of the Thanksgiving meal)! Many traditional Thanksgiving dishes can be made vegan with easy swaps, like switching butter to vegan alternatives (olive oil, vegan butter, the possibilities are endless).

  • Or bring your own entree! Skip the turkey + opt for a vegan holiday roast. Companies are coming out with delicious alternatives to the traditional bird that’ll ensure you’re not missing out on anything this holiday season. Check out this video for some popular options!

  • Consider making your own dishes! The best way to make sure you’ll have dishes to eat is to make them yourself! Try out this recipe for vegan wellington or this one for a traditional roast. Yummmm!


2. bring extras to share

The best way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs. The same goes for sharing vegan food!

Bring a dish + make extras to share with your non-vegan friends + family. Feeling bold? Consider not telling the person that your dish is vegan + see if they can tell the difference!


3. be prepared

The questions are inevitable. Be prepared to explain + possibly defend your plant based diet.

The holidays can be a time for uncomfortable conversations with your extended family and we know from personal experience that convos centered around health + diet will be fair game. Our biggest tips? Stay friendly + speak to your own experiences! If you can frame the dialogue as an educational discussion with your relatives, you may find you have better luck than getting defensive.

Here are some resources we find helpful:


4. bring a


Whether you’re cooking other Thanksgiving dishes or not, bringing an additional dessert is polite + always appreciated (I mean, who doesn’t love variety).

Vegan desserts are also one of the easiest way to introduce non-vegans to plant-based foods since they taste almost identical, if not better, than the originals!

Here are our favorite holiday dessert recipes:

5. give thanks

As the name of the holiday suggests, make sure to be thankful this time of year.

Whether it be for accommodating hosts, respectful family members, or just to yourself for making it through, give thanks + enjoy this tasty holiday filled with love, laughter, + vegan eats!


check out these vegan restaurants

Okay, maybe the whole Thanksgiving meal with extended family isn’t your thing? That’s okay! Check out these vegan restaurants that serve vegan Thanksgiving meals + offer carryout (avoiding having to use any of these tricks)!

  • Los Angeles: Café Gratitude

    • Get your Thanksgiving sides prepared for you! With an all vegan menu, Café Gratitude is a no-brainer for a stress free holiday.

  • Chicago: The Chicago Diner

    • Meat free since ‘83. Offering vegan wellingtons, roasts, loaves, stuffing, gravy, you name it, the Chicago Diner serves it!

  • New York: Candle 79

    • Serving fine, vegan, organic food, Candle 79 is a great option for those seeking a compassionate Thanksgiving dinner.

Are you planning a vegan Thanksgiving? What are your top tricks? Comment below!