philadelphia, pennsylvania

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Philly Bike Tours guided tours will show you different sections of Philadelphia, from the beautiful parks + historic buildings to the dilapidated mansions and less traveled neighborhoods. Each of the tours are rated from easy to difficult. They keep the groups small so that you can get the most from your knowledgeable tour guide. Before you head out, they'll go over the rules of the road and make sure you're comfortable riding the bike you've been given. With a super friendly staff full of excited cyclists, they invite everyone to challenge themselves to a new way to explore!

The passionate + brilliant team prides themselves on giving historic tours filled with great stories, bad jokes, and cold beer. Famous for their Historically Hilarious trolley tour - grab a bottle or six pack of your choice for one of our unique BYOB tours of Philadelphia!  You'll visit the city's major attractions as well as get insider knowledge of off-the-beaten-path sites. Or try the Philly Phables walking tour to walk in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers and see the city with a storytelling guide will cover famous historic moments in American history as well as history that you won't see in textbooks! 


Take a craft brew journey in the City of Brotherly Love with City Brew Tours. The leading company for all things breweries, City Brew offers an array of tours ranging from an all day experience to an introduction into Philly's beer culture. With strong relationships with Philly + Southern NJ's top breweries, City Brew Tours delivers exclusive access to the process behind your favorite beers.

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Get the insider perspective on Philly's best foods. With a long array of tours you can choose from, City Food Tours doesn't disappoint. Take the classic, Flavors of Philly, to try the city's most iconic dishes + will make you feel like a local. Started in 2007 by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and The Philadelphia Restaurant School, City Food Tours is the leading option to see and taste Philly!