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"It was such a great, spontaneous, fun, and beautiful trip. It was planned flawlessly. The travel accommodations went so smoothly and the hotel was fabulous and beautiful. Best trip ever.

Pack Up + Go allows you to escape from reality and be spontaneous! Lets you experience things you never have before. It really is an experience I will never forget."

- Joanna S.

"By far the best vacation we've taken! We're super busy, so sitting down to plan anything just isn't happening. Even if we did, we wouldn't have ended up where we did... and we loved it! Though my husband was skeptical at first, during our dinner he said that we should do all of our vacations this way!"

- Tifanie P.

"Not knowing where we were going was a bit scary, but so very cool! We had an awesome time, the transportation was a breeze, the recommendations for activities and what to pack was right on the money! We're already looking forward to our next mystery trip!"

-Rebecca S.

"What an incredible experience to travel somewhere unknown & just relax & enjoy the ride. I want all my friends to take a trip like this at least once in their lives. It's not so much where you go that matters but your attitude & willingness to go with the flow that matters, on this trip & any trip."

- Meredith W.

"You put a lot of trust into the planners and they come through absolutely shining! For someone who loves to travel but think that they have seen it all, this is a fun and unique adventure. We especially enjoyed trying the recommendations that we may not have otherwise gravitated to, had we planned the trip ourselves. From the moment you open that envelope, this experience invites a wonderful, throw-your-hands-up spirit of come-what-may adventure. There is no better way to travel (or live)!"

- Lauren G.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Pack Up + Go trip! I love exploring new places and this trip allowed me the spontaneity I wanted without the stress of researching and planning the necessities of transportation and lodging. The surprise element was a very fun touch. I would definitely recommend Pack Up & Go to others who appreciate a good adventure and don't need to be in control of the destination."

- Raleigh F.

"This adventure was exciting and fun from beginning to end. The mystery of the envelope, the unknown destination, and weeks of guess what our destination might be were all so enjoyable. Best of all you did not disappoint. We had an amazing city and an awesome hotel. We could not have asked for anything more!"

- Jennifer F.

"This was one of the best trips of our lives! Honestly. It far exceeded our expectations and was above and beyond what we would have ever dreamed of. [The trip] started out great and continued to wow us along the way. On day 2 we didn't think the trip could get any better and every place we explored left us giddy. Very well done and we'll be back, with our friends and family, for more!"

- Kristen Y.

"Our trip was amazing. Being parents to two little ones, Pack Up + Go was a great way for us to book a trip without the hassle of planning a trip while taking care of your family and working!"

- Niki D.

"From start to finish, a great experience. Lillian and her team were reliable and prompt with responses to any questions, and I felt comfortable putting my trip in the Pack Up + Go team's hands (which is saying a lot for my normally control-freak self!). Everything was just so organized and seamless. The hotel was great - location & comfort. The recommendations were, too - a good mix between interesting touristy options and some more off the beaten path type things, too. I can't wait to go on my next trip!!"

- Tricia M.

"We most definitely loved our trip! Flight was easy and the hotel chosen for us was amazing! You took all the things and that we were interested in and picked a city that fit our interests perfectly. If you love surprised and love being spontaneous then Pack Up + Go is definitely for you!"

- Seth D.

"The excitement of waiting to see where we were going was wonderful. Opening up the envelope was SO much fun! The actual weekend was just perfect - we believe that you really hit the nail on the head with everything we filled out on the survey. It was a perfect destination - relaxing and filled with summer activities."

- Jessica B.

"We had the best time! It was almost too easy to travel this way. The best part was finding out where we were going when we got to the airport. Our room was beautiful and the whole experience was great! Thank you for making our anniversary a great one!"

- Nicole E.

"Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us! I'm extremely Type-A and am used to planning everything, so this was a welcome change of pace for me. Throughout the whole process, I felt totally confident that our trip would be amazing and it truly was. The location of our hotel was perfect, the food/activities recommendations really aligned with our interests, and our destination was one that neither of us had been to before. I would (and already have) highly recommend Pack Up + Go to my friends and family. I'm already looking forward to booking another trip!

Thank you for a great way to kick off the start of our summer!"

- Leah G.

"First off, we would like to thank you for an INCREDIBLE and very memorable trip! Wow, what a picture perfect way to spend our Memorial Day Weekend. It is a definitely a trip that we won't forget. Thank you for all of your hard work and planning, we so appreciated this fun getaway. Pack Up + Go is a fantastic idea!

The idea of not having to plan a trip and being a surprise is such a wonderful and exciting feeling! All in all, the trip absolutely exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend Pack Up + Go to anyone!

Again, thank you for planning a perfect getaway. We are going to make a Pack Up + Go trip a yearly tradition and we look forward to traveling with Pack Up + Go in the near future!"

- Sasha R.

"It's such a fun way to travel, especially for people who travel a lot. Young professionals are busy, and sometimes I just don't have the time to investigate where I want to go before planning the trip. I loved the potential and anticipation that this provided us."

- Stephanie B.

"Pack Up + Go is an amazing way to experience something new and take yourself out of your comfort zone to take a trip you would never think to plan for yourself."

- Colleen M.

"The trip itself was amazing. Even better was not having to think about it ahead of time. Having the peace of mind that things were already taken care of was the best part. I didn't have to obsess over trying to get a better deal on plane tickets, scouring Airbnb reviews, etc. Plus, all of the recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. There were so many I feel like I need to go back.

It also made me question why we travel, in a good way. Another amazing experience that makes the world feel a little bit smaller. Thank you so much!"

- Matt K.

"It was so much fun and a great idea for a trip! We don't have to plan anything -- it's all done for us! Plus, you are very thoughtful in choosing the location we went and what to do when we got there based on the survey we took initially."

- Allison D.

"We loved having the hard stuff taken care of for us, so we could just enjoy our vacation. The hotel was in a perfect location, with amazing decor and friendly and helpful staff, with plenty to do within walking distance... We used the list of recommendations as much as we could to get the full experience, and we don't regret it. Every recommendation was great. This took out the work of planning for us, and it was exactly what we wanted. I would recommend this service to everyone! The food... [was] second to none, and the restaurants that Pack Up + Go recommended offered an authentic... cultural experience. It was nice to receive a variety of recommendations for food, drink, and activities, which also included free activities. We definitely had enough to do!"

- Liz O.

"The recommendations were exactly what I was looking forward to do in a vacation. Everything was plan smoothly and both my son and I had a wonderful time."

- Yesica G.

"Pack up + Go planned the most flawless trip! Every recommendation from lunch to drinks to just grabbing a coffee was perfect! As if the trip wasn't exciting enough, my boyfriend surprised me by proposing on the trip! It will always hold a special place in our hearts."

- Joan M.

"The trip was amazing from start to finish. We were both traveling from different states so arriving on direct flights within half an hour from one another was great. There was enough food and activities to pack all three days with fun and we got to experience Pride in one of the most LGBTQ friendly cities! This truly was the best surprise birthday trip I could have asked for."

- Lauren W.

Destination Map

May we recommend...

Austin, Texas

They love thrift/vintage stores, outdoor activities, and are really excited to eat as much BBQ and Tex-Mex as possible.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This group loves museums + craft breweries. Luckily, Pittsburgh has a wealth of both!