From a thrilling outdoor adventure, to a lakeside picnic, or watching a gorgeous sunset, there’s no denying that our natural surroundings enhance our travels in so many ways.  As a small business, Pack Up + Go is committed to inspiring positive change and conscious consumption, which is why we’re excited to partner with Carbonfund.org to combat the impact that travel has on the environment.

Air travel is one of the highest contributors to CO2 emissions; a cross-country flight in the United States emits more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide. As a team who loves to travel and explore the world, we also respect the environment and want to do everything we can to help neutralize our footprint so that future generations can enjoy the same experiences we’ve been fortunate to have. 

At Pack Up + Go, we have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place for both our travelers and the environment. We hope that you’ll support us in this mission!



Here’s how Pack Up + Go is getting involved:

  • Our team in Pittsburgh will volunteer our time with local organizations to enhance our city’s parks + public spaces.

  • We will make a monetary donation to Carbonfund.org, who actively works to offset carbon emissions through large-scale projects both in the United States and overseas.