What is Pack Up + Go?

We're a travel agency that plans 3-day getaways around the United States. The catch? Your destination is a surprise until the day you depart!

Our standard trips are two (2) nights / three (3) days. Interested in a longer trip? Keep reading!

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Where are you sending me?

Great question! But if we told you, that would ruin all the fun.

What we can tell you is that we send our travelers to a variety of mid-sized urban American cities. On average, transit times are around 4 hours, but might be up to 6 hours depending on your starting location.

We will not abandon you in the middle of nowhere - all of our destination cities have public transportation, and more than enough going on to keep you busy for the 3-day weekend. Take a look at our reviews page to see where we've sent past travelers. 

What if I know where I want to go?

Pack Up + Go might not be the best fit for you right now. If you know you want to go to New York, you should go to New York! But we cannot guarantee that we'll send you there. In fact, we can guarantee we won't send you there, because it wouldn't be a surprise.

Pack Up + Go is all about embracing the unknown, so if you have a specific trip in mind, we're not a perfect fit for your travel needs.

What if I don't want to go where you send me?

Well, hopefully that's not the case! Here at Pack Up + Go, we know that every city has a lot to offer. We celebrate open mindedness, and encourage you to do the same. We're sure that with your city guide toolkit in hand, you'll stumble upon some hidden treasures no matter where you go, and you might just fall in love with a place you knew nothing about

How do I know what to pack for my trip?

Don't worry! One week before you depart, we'll email you the weather forecast for your mystery destination. We'll email you an updated weather forecast for your trip the day before you depart, as well, in case anything changes. 

In that "One Week Until Departure" email, we'll let you know if you should bring anything specific on your trip, like a bathing suit or hiking boots. 

All of our trips include one personal item and one larger carry on bag for all travelers. What does that mean? All travelers get one smaller bag (purse, laptop bag, backpack) that will fit under the seat in front of you. All travelers also can bring one carry on suitcase that will fit in the overhead compartment. The standard size for a carry on suitcase is (22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches, including handles and wheels). 

What if I want to check a bag?

Unfortunately, some airlines do not allow us to pay for a checked bag before you arrive at the airport. To make things simple, if you want to check a bag, you can do so when you arrive at the airport on the day of your departure. You will be responsible for checked bag fees.

*Please note that most airlines charge between $25-40 per checked bag, each way.

How will I receive my boarding passes?

For your outbound flight, we will check you in. The morning of your departure, we'll send you your boarding passes by email. 

For your return flight, you will be responsible for checking yourself in. In your envelope, you will find all of the flight information (confirmation number, flight number, departure times, etc.) that you need to get your return boarding passes. 

What's the difference between budget options?

Your budget determines where we send you, how you get there, and where you stay. It's hard for us to say what each price point will get you exactly, because there are many variables at play.

The primary factors to consider when choosing your budget are your travel dates, and point of departure. If you're thinking of traveling on a major holiday weekend (Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.), we strongly recommend selecting a higher budget ($850+/person). It's simply more expensive to travel on these dates - unfortunately, there are some things even we can't control! 

Similarly, if you're departing from a city with few flight/train options, we'd recommend a slightly higher budget (lookin' at you, North Dakota!).

If you’re departing from New York with a budget of $650 per person, you probably won’t be flying to Key West and staying in a resort. Instead, you may take a train to Providence, RI and stay in a luxury bed + breakfast. Or, you may fly to Chicago and stay in a boutique hotel!

No matter your budget or where we send you, you will not be staying in sub-par accommodations. The higher your budget, the more options we have in booking your trip.  

Want more information about how our budgets work?

Be sure to read the Pack Up + Go Budget Guide!

Does my budget include food + activities?

We only guarantee that your budget will cover your travel + accommodation. For every getaway, we recommend great activities and restaurants, but we do not cover those expenses in your budget. However, if there is extra room in your budget once we book your travel + accommodation and charge our service fee, we use those funds to book trip extras such as restaurant or ride share gift cards, activities, and more. We cannot guarantee these extras since travel prices fluctuate pretty drastically depending on travel dates, departure locations, etc.

If you have any questions or special requests regarding activities for your trip, please send us an email or give us a call!

Does my budget include transportation to/from the airport, or gas for road trips?

No. Airport transfer coordination becomes a headache for us, for you, and for the hotel with flight delays and cancellations. And with gas money, we think it would be silly and unnecessary to give you part of your budget right back to you in the form of a prepaid card. It's also tough to predict how much gas you'll use on your road trip.

What's the latest I can sign up?

The earlier you book your trip, the better. If we have more time to plan your trip, we can get better deals for you. That said, if you're interested in a last minute getaway - you can book a trip up to four weeks before departure. Why not sooner? We need enough time to plan your trip and to make sure there are still good deals available for you!

Do you offer travel insurance?

Yes. We partner with TripAssure to offer travel insurance for your trip. Rates vary depending on the number of travelers, the total cost of the trip, and the departure location, so we can send you a quote once you've signed up and you can decide later if you would like to purchase a policy.

Why would I need travel insurance?

Although you're not required to purchase travel insurance, your Pack Up + Go trip is not protected without it. If you get sick, have a last minute business trip, or there is inclement weather on your travel dates, you may have to spend money out-of-pocket in order to shift, cancel, or adjust your trip. Travel insurance protects you from these unexpected problems by reimbursing you for these travel expenses. Learn more about what's covered by TripAssure Travel Insurance plans here.

If something comes up we'll do our best to help you cancel or reschedule your trip, but we are at the mercy of the airlines, hotels, and other activity providers for refunds or credits.

Interested in learning more about travel insurance?

See this blog post for more information!

What if something goes wrong while I'm away?

We'll be there for you. Our customer experience team is available 24/7 by phone or email in case you need anything while you're on your trip. While we love adventure, we value safety. 

Can I bring my pet with me?

Unfortunately, no. We’re sure your pets are insanely cute, but you can’t bring them with you on this trip. No pets allowed, sorry.

I am having issues completing my trip purchase online! What do you suggest?

If you're trying to place an order for a trip or gift card from a smartphone or tablet, we recommend switching to a desktop or laptop instead. We also recommend using Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers rather than Internet Explorer.

Still having trouble after trying these solutions?, feel free to send our customer service team a photo [screenshot] of the issue you are experiencing at hello@packupgo.com and we will do our best to investigate further for you!

When I log into my account, why is my order status "Pending"?

The status feature is a tool for our team internally. Not to worry - we have received your order, and you are good to go! We change your trip status to “fulfilled” once every last detail has been finalized on our end. Therefore, the status of your order actually will not change until a few weeks before you depart. As long as you have received an order confirmation from us, your order has been received and we will be ready to send you somewhere on the departure date that you chose!

Can I travel over a holiday weekend?

Yes - but we have a couple of tips! For holiday weekends, we always suggest that you select a higher budget than when traveling over a non-holiday weekend. Why? Travel + accommodation costs tend to be higher during these peak traveling times and we always want to be able to get you to a destination city that you will love!

Also, Pack Up + Go trips are always 3-days, 2-nights, unless other adjustments have been made, even if the selected departure date falls during what is traditionally a long weekend. If you want to make your trip longer during a holiday weekend, please reach out to ensure that you select an appropriate budget!

One last note - If you are able to plan your trip on a non-holiday weekend, you may have a more enjoyable experience for a few reasons. Holidays and 3-day weekends tend to be busier travel times in general, which can cause congestion at airports, surge pricing for hotels and airlines, and issues that are not as common during non-peak weekends. We want to offer you the best possible traveling experience, so if your dates are flexible, you may want to consider a non-holiday weekend for your Pack Up + Go getaway! Not sure if the dates you want to travel are a holiday weekend? Feel free to ask our expert team!

Why are the prices different between the Solo and Multi-Traveler trip options?

A large chunk of the budget that you select for your Pack Up + Go trip goes toward the accommodations that we purchase for you. In that regard, it is always more cost-efficient to travel in groups. A hotel room will cost the same, whether one or two people are staying in it, so the price for our trips is lower if you've got a travel companion. Solo travelers, we love you, but you're just a little more expensive!

Want more information about how our budgets work?

Be sure to read the Pack Up + Go Budget Guide!

Can travelers in the same group depart from different cities? 

For our Plane or Train, yes! This is one of the major benefits of a Pack Up + Go trip. If each member of your group is departing from different places, it can get tricky to coordinate one destination - so we'll do it for you! When you're checking out, you'll need to include each traveler's departure address, so we'll know where everyone is coming from and find somewhere for you to meet in the middle. 

For our Road Trips, we do require that all travelers depart from the same location so that we can create custom road trip directions for your getaway.

How does payment work? And are there any fees?

Upon completion of the survey, you will be directed to the payment page where you will have two options for payment. The first option is to enter your credit card information. That credit card will be charged immediately for the full budget amount. (Even if your trip is several months away, for credit card security, we cannot store your payment information to charge you later!) The second option is to pay using PayPal. With PayPal, you can either pay immediately or you can sign up for PayPal Credit and have the option to pay your budget amount over a 6-month period. (PayPal Credit is subject to credit approval. Click here for more details.)

There are no additional fees or taxes. If you select a trip for two people at $1,000 per person, you will pay exactly $2,000 - not a cent more. Once we receive your order and payment, we then build a trip for you with the goal of utilizing your budget to the fullest.

How do we make money, you may ask? We take a small service fee off the top of your budget (15%), but rest assured that the vast majority of your budget goes towards your trip. If you'd like to see the receipts for your reservations after your trip, we'll be more than happy to send them over!

Can my travel partner(s) and I pay separately? 

Unfortunately, our website does not permit separate payments for one order, so we'll need to receive only one payment per trip.

Can you use my frequent flyer miles or hotel points?

In order to maintain the element of surprise, we do not accept frequent flyer numbers or hotel reward points. If we did, you'd be able to log in to your account to see your destination, and you would receive email notifications about your upcoming trip - this would spoil all the fun! The good news is that most airlines and hotels allow you to add your loyalty number after your trip, so you can still get the points from your trip with us. 

How long are the trips?

Our trips are two (2) nights and three (3) days long. So, if you depart on a Friday, we'll have you leave bright and early on Friday and return in the evening on Sunday. If you depart on a Thursday, you'll return on a Saturday. We do ask for your time restrictions, but if you don't list any, we'll do our best to have you spend as much time in your destination as possible!

We can accommodate longer trips upon request, so just give us a call or send us an email to ask!

What if my weekend doesn't fall on a Friday-Sunday?

No problem! We know that everyone's schedule is different. We're happy to plan a trip during  the week for you, but it will still be 2 nights / 3 days. When you're checking out, just be sure to note the departure date, and you'll be all set!

I have kids. Can they come, too?

Yes! We love planning trips for families. If your children have any specific interests (or any strong dislikes!) please be sure to mention them when you're filling out the survey. We'll make sure to include plenty of family-friendly and age-appropriate recommendations so everyone will have a great time. We may also reach out to you directly when planning your trip to gather some additional information. 

What about babies?

If your baby is less than 2 years old, you're in luck: they travel free! So no need to factor them in to the number of travelers you select. Please do still provide their name and birthday, however.

And as far as their accommodations are concerned, just let us know what you would prefer. We can be flexible! If you want a crib, an extra bed, or any other special amenities, just be sure to specify that on your survey and we'll work within your budget to make it happen.

I don't live in America. Can I Pack Up + Go?

Unfortunately, no. Our departures and destinations are limited to the continental United States, and are limited to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Basically, you have to live in the U.S. Why? Things can get tricky with logistics and liability when crossing borders. Plus, you receive a map of recommendations on Google Maps, so if you don't have data, you'll lose out on half of the fun!

Do you work with smoker-friendly hotels?

All of our hotel partners are non-smoking properties.

When will I receive my envelope?

Your Pack Up + Go surprise destination envelope will be put in the mail one week prior to your departure. It should arrive a 2-4 days before your departure date, but if you are concerned feel free to reach out to our team and we can check the status!

Where will my envelope be mailed if there are multiple travelers?

Your Pack Up + Go surprise destination envelope will be mailed to Traveler #1 at the address you provided on your pre-trip survey. If there is one traveler in particular who you want to receive the envelope, make sure you list them first on the pre-trip survey! This is particularly important if you are filling out the survey to celebrate someone's birthday, graduation, etc. and want them to receive the envelope to their address. If you believe that you made have made an entry error on your pre-trip survey, please reach out as soon as possible so we can adjust!

What if my envelope gets lost in the mail?

Not to worry! We send you all of the information digitally, as well. You'll receive everything via email at the designated time of departure. You'll receive your city guide by email, too, so you can access it on the go. We'll put your envelope in the mail one week before your trip with USPS 2-day shipping. They usually arrive 2-4 days before your departure. If it hasn't shown up, send us a note and we'll go from there!

Does each traveler in a group receive a surprise envelope?

If you are all departing from the same airport, we will only mail one envelope to Traveler #1. If members of your group are departing from more than one airport, each departing airport group will receive one envelope.

For example, let's say four friends are going away on a vacation. They have all completed the pre-trip survey together and listed their home addresses, as well as their departing airports. Three of the travelers are departing from the Philadelphia International Airport and one of them is departing from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. This trip will have two total envelopes, delivered to two travelers. One envelope will be sent to the first traveler who is departing from the Philadelphia International Airport. This traveler should bring the envelope to the airport for everyone departing from Philadelphia to open together. The traveler who is departing from Chicago O'Hare International Airport will receive their own envelope since they will not be in the same departing location as the others.

How long are gift cards valid?

Our gift cards do not expire, so there's no rush!

Can I get a refund for a gift card that I have either purchased or received?

Unfortunately, no. Our gift cards are non-refundable.



Still have questions? Send us a note or give us a ring!
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