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Pack up + go with buzzfeed


See where they've gone, and where you could go!

"It was such a great, spontaneous, fun, and beautiful trip. It was planned flawlessly. The travel accommodations went so smoothly and the hotel was fabulous and beautiful. Best trip ever.

Pack Up + Go allows you to escape from reality and be spontaneous! Lets you experience things you never have before. It really is an experience I will never forget."

- Joanna S.

"The trip itself was amazing. Even better was not having to think about it ahead of time. Having the peace of mind that things were already taken care of was the best part. I didn't have to obsess over trying to get a better deal on plane tickets, scouring Airbnb reviews, etc. Plus, all of the recommendations were exactly what I was looking for. There were so many I feel like I need to go back.

It also made me question why we travel, in a good way. Another amazing experience that makes the world feel a little bit smaller. Thank you so much!"

- Matt K.

"The recommendations were exactly what I was looking forward to do in a vacation. Everything was plan smoothly and both my son and I had a wonderful time."

- Yesica G.

“We loved it! I loved the entire concept when I first heard about it and it was even better than I expected. Planning and researching hotels and restaurants and activities is the WORST!!

I love the adventure of not knowing where you’re going and the ease and relief of not having to read a single Yelp review about anything before going. You just show up and it’s like having a local there waiting who knows you well and is happy to show you around.”

- Jill C.

"By far the best vacation we've taken! We're super busy, so sitting down to plan anything just isn't happening. Even if we did, we wouldn't have ended up where we did... and we loved it! Though my husband was skeptical at first, during our dinner he said that we should do all of our vacations this way!"

- Tifanie P.

"You put a lot of trust into the planners and they come through absolutely shining! For someone who loves to travel but think that they have seen it all, this is a fun and unique adventure. We especially enjoyed trying the recommendations that we may not have otherwise gravitated to, had we planned the trip ourselves. From the moment you open that envelope, this experience invites a wonderful, throw-your-hands-up spirit of come-what-may adventure. There is no better way to travel (or live)!"

- Lauren G.

"We most definitely loved our trip! Flight was easy and the hotel chosen for us was amazing! You took all the things and that we were interested in and picked a city that fit our interests perfectly. If you love surprised and love being spontaneous then Pack Up + Go is definitely for you!"

- Seth D.


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