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In 2019, a large number of us are doing our best to help preserve the environment rather than continuing the immense damage mankind has done.

With increasing plastics in our oceans and landfills brimming with trash, we owe it to ourselves and our planet to do what we can to reduce our waste. Doing this while traveling may seem hard at first and it’s easy to see why: the convenience of fast food restaurants, plastic water bottles made to be used on-the-go and the hygienic/beauty products needed to look your best and stay clean during all the adventuring.

So, what’s a person to do? Pack Up + Go has your back! Here are 5 products to use while traveling to reduce waste and leave no trace!

Image courtesy of  FOOD52 .

Image courtesy of FOOD52.

In recent years, plastic straws have become an exile in the food and drink industry due to the harm they can inflict on sea creatures (Have you ever seen the heartbreaking turtle video? WARNING, it is not pleasant).

If you prefer using a straw when sipping your favorite drinks, fear not! These reusable silicone straws from Food52 are perfect for everyday use and when traveling. The cost for 10 straws, four travel cases and four cleaning squeegees is only $25! The packaging they come in is also recyclable and compostable so you don't have to worry about producing more waste by buying these straws. They come in a variety of pretty colors and the best part is they fold up and are stored in their own little portable case, so they barely take up any space in your luggage and bags!

Image courtesy of  Stasher

Image courtesy of Stasher

Continuing to make our eating + drinking more eco-friendly, we take on picnic lunches and meals on the road, which are a staple when traveling, especially camping.

Instead of using those flimsy, plastic bags that get thrown out after each use, trade them in for these durable, reusable food bags! Stasher bags come in a bunch of different sizes so you have a bag for every type of food you love. Prices vary on what kind of bag you get but they range anywhere from $8 to around $60 for an entire set. They’re not only used for storage but you can cook in them and freeze them as well! After each use, just wash them and use them again. Not only will you reduce your waste, but you’ll save big bucks in the long run too!

Image courtesy of  Primus

Image courtesy of Primus

Whether you are camping to get in touch with nature and be surrounded by Earth’s natural beauty or enjoying life in the city and grabbing some take out to enjoy in the park - you are going to need some utensils. To make sure you keep the surrounding area as beautiful as when you arrived, make sure to bring reusable cutlery for all your cooking and eating needs! This set from Primus is easy to clean and can be stored all together in its sleeve for effortless packing and use. It’s only $14.95 for a set!

Image courtesy of  Epic Water

Image courtesy of Epic Water

Water quality varies all over the world, whether it be city water or water from a natural source such as a lake or a stream, and it is perfectly reasonable to be cautious about water quality. The best way to stay hydrated and make sure you have clean, safe and tasty water is to always have a reusable, filtered water bottle on hand! No matter the location, you can use this bottle from Epic Water to fill up at a stream while you’re hiking or opt for using it in the city, removing up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses every time. For just $35.95, this bottle will reduce the need for countless plastic water bottles and has a replaceable filter. Rather than using multiple disposable plastic water bottles in one day that will be on Earth for the next 450 years, be a friend to mother nature, buy the bottle!

Image courtesy of  Lush

Image courtesy of Lush

We know those tiny travel shampoo, conditioners and soaps are really cute and compact but they’re still made of plastic that you will need to throw away when you’re done with them. A better option to reduce your waste and still keep your packing compact is to reach for shampoo and conditioner bars! Lush has multiple bars for a variety of hair types so you don’t have to compromise your beauty routine while feeding your wanderlust. Starting at $10.95 for shampoos and $11.95 for conditioners, Lush also features a tin to transport your shampoo in for no-mess travel.


Small steps like these will help the on-going effort in leaving no trace and keeping our world beautiful for years to come. We all love to explore the natural wonders of our world, so let’s do our part to keep it clean. We want to continue to travel + enjoy the places that make our hearts soar, in their most pristine, natural state.

How do you stay environmental friendly on vacation?