If you’re anything like us, then you absolutely love to stay in nice hotels. Whether it is the inescapable joy of curling up in a giant hotel bed, with a massive comforter, and all the pillows in the world, perusing the hotel restaurant or immaculately decorated lobby, or just stepping out from your accommodations to be in the middle of it all - there is nothing quite like staying in fabulous lodging.

With that in mind, we know that using a surprise trip planner can be nerve-wracking.

Where will they send me?

What type of hotel will I stay in? 

Will I be in the middle of nowhere?

Let’s explore some of our favorite hotel brands to use in the USA to give you a better idea of where you will be staying!

Written by the Pack Up + Go Travel Team

The good news is that no matter your budget level, travel history, or destination city - we will not abandon you in the middle of nowhere. All of our destination cities have public transportation, and more than enough going on to keep you busy for the 3-day weekend.

We are not a random vacation generator; we plan your vacation carefully and thoughtfully! We scour the internet, blogs, and local magazines for reviews on hotels, restaurants, and activities. We want our travelers to feel like they are being whisked away on a perfectly curated getaway. Taking a surprise vacation is a leap of faith, so we want to highlight some of our favorite hotel brands nationwide to help put your mind at ease, and give you insight into our mysterious travel planning process! 

Staying in a great hotel can make or break a getaway, but scouring the internet, reading through bad reviews, and analyzing testimonials can be exhausting. We’ve done the vetting to make your mystery trip as stress-free as possible. Here are a few of our favorite nationwide hotel brands where Pack Up + Go travelers may stay on their getaway.*

*Please note that these examples are not illustrative of all Pack Up + Go reservations. Travelers may stay at other hotel brands or independent hotels/bed & breakfasts.



Kimpton Hotels

We’re huge fans of Kimpton Hotels for many reasons! They have 70 boutique hotels nationwide, but each hotel is truly unique in design and pays homage to the city’s local character. You’ll never feel like you’re staying in a generic hotel, and visiting a Kimpton is always a unique experience.

Kimpton Hotels are always centrally located, which is so important on a leisure vacation. First, you arrive at the hotel and drop off your bags. Next, where do you start your adventure? When you stay at a Kimpton, you’ll be staying in the heart of the action. From Dupont Circle in DC to Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, you really can’t go wrong. 

When you embark on a mystery trip, there are a lot of unknowns. One thing we know for sure is that Kimpton Hotels all offer some amazing amenities! Each Kimpton property has a free (!!) coffee + tea morning bar, free wine happy hour every day from 5-6, and free bike rentals for all guests. What’s not to love?!

Photo courtesy of  Kimpton Monaco Pittsburgh

Photo courtesy of Kimpton Monaco Pittsburgh



21C Museum Hotels

With 11 locations primarily in the Midwest/South/Southeast, we absolutely love the 21C Museum Hotels. The name says it all - these hotels are fully curated art museums, in addition to design-driven hotels. Though the galleries vary in size, each location features an impressive rotating selection of art by national + local artists. Join your love of amazing hotels with global culture when you visit 21c Museum Hotel.

You want your mystery vacation to be as spontaneous as possible, but you also want to explore the best places in your destination. 21C Museum Hotels are always in centrally located neighborhoods so you can get up, and go explore easily! 

Photo Courtesy of  21C Museum Hotels

Photo Courtesy of 21C Museum Hotels

Photo Courtesy of  21C Museum Hotels

Photo Courtesy of 21C Museum Hotels



Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

With over 100 locations worldwide, the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are synonymous with luxury and customer service. It’s virtually impossible to find negative reviews about their properties, as the brand sets the standard for top-notch experiences. In addition to offering an impeccably clean and comfortable stay, the Four Seasons are a Pack Up + Go favorite for their concierge services.

Many of our travelers tell us that the best part of taking a random trip with Pack Up + Go is for the recommendations we provide in their travel envelope. Our expert travel planners research your surprise destination tirelessly. However, there are always new cafes opening, or unique events happening around town that might not be on our radar! Hotel concierges are an invaluable resource, and can offer amazing insight into your destination. Even if you have an idea of how you want to start your getaway, they can help you decide what to do next. Where do locals hang out? What seasonal markets or events are taking place? Concierges are trained professionals at making recommendations, and the Four Seasons concierges are truly incredible at their job.

Photo Courtesy of  Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta



Ace Hotels

Although a much smaller brand than the others on this list, the Ace Hotels hold a special place in our heart. When we plan a vacation for our travelers, we consider many factors - including travelers’ ages and interests. The Ace Hotels started as a hostel/hotel in the Pacific Northwest, but have evolved into design-forward properties with amazing restaurant and bar concepts. They’re perfect for a younger traveler who loves great food, creative drinks, and a social atmosphere in their hotel. Though their rooms aren’t as luxurious as the Four Seasons, they emphasize cutting-edge, minimalist design, that pays homage to the neighborhood in which they are located. Each of their properties invites locals to hang out in their lobbies for drinks or public events. Typically, the Ace hotels are located in off-the-beaten-path neighborhoods, allowing Pack Up + Go travelers to truly experience their destination like a local.

Photo Courtesy of  Ace Hotel New Orleans

Photo Courtesy of Ace Hotel New Orleans


Favorite Hotel Brands.png

Taking a spontaneous trip is fun and exhilarating, but being whisked away means that you don’t have control over your hotel selection, which we know can be intimidating.  Your safety and comfort are our top priorities no matter what, but we hope that this list of our favorite hotel brands helps you understand how we plan a vacation for a Pack Up + Go traveler!

What is your favorite hotel brand in the USA + why?