Your girlfriends have been with you through it all. Well, almost. You have not gone on a surprise vacation together yet!

Here are four reasons to go on a surprise getaway with your girls.

Written by Kelly Schanes

Reason 1: Make Amazing Memories

Whenever your group of friends gets together, you know that it is going to be a good time. Imagine how many memories you can make while going on a surprise vacation with them. Whether your group is getting ready to open the envelope with your location or exploring the new and random city, going on a trip with your girls will be unforgettable. Even if you are just relaxing in the hotel, there is potential for some sidesplitting laughter.



Reason 2: Reconnect with Long Lost Gal pals

Everyone always talks about how difficult long-distance relationships are, but can we talk about how tough long-distance friendships are? Luckily, Pack Up + Go can reconnect you and your long lost gal pals! We are happy to plan trips with travelers coming from different cities! This way, you can focus on the more important things (like maybe making an extensive list of all that happened in your life since the last time you saw your long-distance bestie. You have to catch her up on everything) without having to stress about flight coordination and finding all the best recommendations.



Reason 3: Break Your Routine

You and your girls may have fallen into the same routine. The bars, coffee shops, and activities in your hometown could be starting to seem mundane. What better way to break this routine than a surprise vacation? Explore a whole new city with the custom experiences that we recommend for you. 

Here are some exciting activities and ways to break routines on Pack Up + Go girls trips!

  • Spa days! Relaxing, de-stressing, and chatting with your girls, what could be better? The combination of the relaxing environment + time spent with friends will leave you rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. 

  • Go on a boat or sailing. (Sail San Diego offers the chance to break routines by sailing around San Diego -- how often do you get to do that?)

  • Take a Beer or Food Tour. Many cities have beer and food tours but you can check out Derby City Brew Tour as an example!

  • Check out the Comedy scene of your destination. Front Porch Improv in Savannah is popular with our travelers!

Kristen Savannah 3.JPG


Reason 4: Photo Ops for Days

When on a surprise getaway with your gals, you will definitely want to document your experience + remember what you did. You know that your girls are always down for a photo op and cities are the best place to do it. From iconic landmarks to quirky city art pieces, there will always be excellent spots to take pictures with your girlfriends! Your Instagram feed will thank you.

You and your girl gang can take pictures in front of Graffiti (Hope Grafitti Park, Austin. This location is closed currently but will be opening in a permanent location in 2020!)

Or maybe you want to pose with this interesting statue (Fremont Troll, Seattle)


And obviously you need to go to the iconic spots around the city with your girls. Pictures or it didn’t happen, right? (The Bean, Chicago)

Chicago Brenna + Romy + Shang 6.jpg

reasons to take a .png

Girls trips are a great opportunity to make amazing memories with your people. A surprise vacation may be just what your group needs to relax + connect with each other!

What is your favorite girls Trip activity?