At Pack Up + Go, we ❤️ crafting!

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching which means, more importantly, that Galentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Whether you and your friends are single, all boo’d up, or boycotting V-Day altogether, February 13th is all about “ladies celebrating ladies.” That means calling up your besties and inviting them over for an evening of food, drink, and maybe even crafting?

Check out our how-to’s below for 4 love-fueled crafts with women in mind! (Wine and snacks not required but highly encouraged)

Wine Cork Coasters

Who doesn’t have a collection of wine corks that they’re saving “to craft with someday”? Well look no further than this easy craft that transforms old wine corks into rustic-chic coasters that look classy on any coffee table!

  1. Gather up your wine cork collection

  2. Using a sharp blade (we used a box-cutter), cut into corks at even increments

  3. Hot glue corks together in honeycomb shape

  4. Place under closest glass

Coffee Body Scrub

This homemade body scrub smells great and makes your skin feel even better! The coffee ground and brown sugar combo shows dead skin some tough love while the coconut oil locks in moisture, leaving you silky smooth but not greasy. The best part? You end up smelling like a delicious french vanilla brew!

  1. Measure equal parts used coffee grounds, brown sugar + coconut oil

  2. Microwave about 20 seconds to melt coconut oil

  3. Mix all ingredients well

  4. Put in cute, resealable container of your choice and pop in the refrigerator to cool

  5. Apply + Enjoy!

Polaroid Luggage Tags

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a travel-themed craft! Remember all those instant photos you and your girlfriends took on your last adventure together that you keep meaning to put in a scrapbook? Try making them into these cute luggage tags and hanging them around your apartment! If you’re feeling extra crafty, grab a large US map and pin the luggage tags to the state the photos were taken to document all your travels together!

  1. Find the cutest pics of you and your best friends

  2. Trim a piece of decorative paper to the edges of your photo (make sure you leave room for the string!)

  3. Punch a hole at the top of your new frame

  4. Hang + Admire!

Tissue Flowers

Need some last minute decorations for your Galentine’s Day party? Check out these flowers made of tissue paper. They’re easy to assemble and cute enough to leave up year-round for when you need a backdrop for your next profile pic!

  1. Gather different colored sheets of tissue paper (4 pieces) that are roughly the same size

  2. Fold the tissue back and forth, accordion-style

  3. Use a pipe cleaner and twist through the middle, folding your tissue in half

  4. Unfold + fluff the edges

How do you + your gals get festive? Let us know in the comments!

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