Its summertime and you are ready to hit the road, only one problem - what do you listen to on the drive? Our team gathered up some of our favorite hits for summer road trips and as you will hear, our taste is quite eclectic!


Song: Drive My Car

Artist: The Beatles

Why: Besides the traveled-themed title, this Beatles hit sounds like sunshine + begs to be sung along with!

Song: Born In The USA

Artist: Bruce Springsteen

Why: You can’t go wrong with The Boss! Roll your windows down + let the wind mess up your hair as you cruise to your destination.

Song: This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

Artist: Natalie Cole

Why: As soon as you hear the trumpet in this song, you’ll know you’re on your way to make some (ever)lasting memories!

Song: Bennie And The Jets

Artist: Elton John

Why: The way Elton plays the piano will transport you to a dimly lit dive bar in some far off city, which just might be where you’re headed!

Song: Summer

Artist: The Carters

Why: The Carters will make you want to fall in love all over again with this ballad celebrating summer romance.

Song: Send Me on My Way

Artist: Rusted Root

Why: Even the song’s writer, Michael Glabicki, was thinking about summertime sunshine when he wrote this 90s hit!

*Extra points for being a fellow Pittsburgh, PA based group!

Song: Don’t Take the Money

Artist: The Bleachers

Why: The tempo and melody of this song gives you the feeling of walking through a new city for the first time + being surrounded by new possibilities!

Song: Miss You

Artist: Born Ruffians

Why: From the guitar to the shout-out-loud lyrics, this tune will make you want to slide on a pair of sunglasses and dance in the sunshine!

Song: Ridin’ Around

Artist: Kali Uchis

Why: The confidence espoused by Kali in the lyrics are a great mid road-trip bop to remind you that you don’t need anyone else to ride around + feel fly.

Song: Take Me Home, Country Roads

Artist: John Denver

Why: Even if you aren’t a Mountain Mama, you can’t help but feel called to the places John Denver sings about in this classic track.

Song: Somebody Loves You

Artist: Betty Who

Why: A summer bop if we’ve ever heard one, this jam must be played surrounded by warm weather + good vibes!

Song: Big Sur

Artist: The Thrills

Why: This tune sounds like a cool breeze on a summer day!

Song: What’s It Gonna Be?

Artist: Shura

Why: This bop is reminiscent of all the uncertainty + fast-paced emotions that come with a new romance!

Song: Runnin’ Down A Dream

Artist: Tom Petty

Why: The perfect song to motivate you through the long, open road to your destination!

Song: You Can Call Me Al

Artist: Paul Simon

Why: You can’t help but smile during this song (and music video), so let it lift your spirits during a dull part of your journey!

Song: Free Spirit

Artist: Khalid

Why: Let the soothing voice of Khalid transport you to a place of acceptance + free spirited fun in this smooth ballad.

Song: Believe

Artist: Cher

Why: We believe that you can make it through even the most boring parts of your drive + you should too!

Song: Come and Get Your Love

Artist: Redbone

Why: Upbeat + carefree, we can’t imagine a better song for a road trip!

Song: Hooked on a Feeling

Artist: Blue Suede

Why: You might not think you know this classic hit, but the opening “ooga chaka” will be sure to hook you + hold your focus for this love filled bop.

Song: Bohemian Rhapsody

Artist: Queen

Why: Everyone knows all the words to this classic jam, which makes it perfect for a dramatic, mid-drive rendition.

Song: It’s Gonna Be Me

Artist: *NSYNC

Why: Sometimes you just need a moody boy-band song to realign your focus and maintain your motivation through the drive.

Song: Summer Girls

Artist: LFO

Why: 20 years of celebrating summer girls, frosted tips and a love of Abercrombie & Fitch can’t be wrong.

Song: Wagon Wheel

Artist: Old Crow Medicine Show

Why: Perfect for singing in the car, around a fire, or with a large group of friends. The lyrics are simple + infectious, just try not singing along!

Song: Go Your Own Way

Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Why: You are going your own way, on the open road, exploring what the world has to offer, so why not sing about it?

Song: Summertime Magic

Artist: Childish Gambino

Why: Maybe your road trip co-pilot fell asleep. Maybe it got a little cloudy + you want a song to match. Maybe you just want to chill for a while. Whatever the reason, this is the perfect song.

Song: Wide Open Spaces

Artist: Dixie Chicks

Why: This song celebrates the lessons we will learn and the people we will meet when we take a chance on the wide open road.

What do you think of our list? What’s your must-play song on road trips? Comment below and let us know!