1. Be An Early Bird

Take An Early Flight

Waking up for an early morning flight is worth it, especially during the holidays! The earlier your flight, the less crowds you’ll have to deal with so you’ll get through security and to your gate much quicker! There’s also less chance you’ll run into delays with your plane if your flight is one of the first of the day!

Get There Early

No matter what time your flight is, it’s important to arrive at the airport as early as possible when you’re traveling over the holidays! Get there a full two to three hours in advance and you’ll be able to breathe easy even if the lines are long! Arriving well in advance also means you’ll have time to relax and destress at your gate before you board your flight!


2. Make Connections

Give Yourself Enough Time

When scheduling a day of travel, you’ll want to avoid the urge to choose the shortest option and instead make sure you choose an option with a long enough layover. Be sure to give yourself enough time to make it to your connecting flight even if you have to deal with holiday crowds or weather delays!

Consider Alternate Airports

The holidays are a great time to check out alternate airports in your area to avoid the congestion (and high prices!) of more popular ones! Even though smaller airports tend to offer fewer flight options, there’s still a good chance you’ll find a trip time and price that make it well worth your while!


3. Start Small

Keep it to a Carry On

There are endless perks to traveling with only a carry on. Keeping your luggage to a carry on can be especially helpful during the holidays as you don’t have to pay a checked bag fee, you can avoid the lines at check-in, and you don’t have to wait around at baggage claim when you arrive at your destination!

Rethink What’s Essential

Worried about fitting your winter coat in your bag or traveling with a full-size shampoo bottle for the whole family? When you starting packing for your holiday trip take time to really think about what’s essential to your packing list. Coats and heavier shoes can be worn to the airport, and toiletries can often be downsized to travel containers or simply purchased at your destination! Worried about packing holiday presents? TSA has been known to unwrap or confiscate gifts, and keeping presents intact only adds to the travel stress, so why not ship your presents to your destination when you order them?


4. Be An Insider

Sign Up for Pre-Check

Don’t you wish you could bypass the long holiday lines and keep your shoes on as you move through security? Why not sign up for TSA Pre-Check, and make every upcoming airport experience easier! There’s no better way to feel like a travel pro! For more info on how to sign up and what Pre-Check means, visit here!

Get your Airline’s App

As a holiday traveler, you’ll want to stay up to date on your flight. Download your preferred airline’s app and you’ll receive real-time notifications about flight delays or gate changes. Some app’s even send you alerts to keep you on schedule through your busy day of travel!


5. Charge Up

Get Your Devices Ready

Whether you need to finish some work on your laptop or you’re planning on watching a movie on your iPad, you’ll want to be sure your devices are charged before you leave the house so you can keep yourself informed and entertained! If you show up at the airport with full battery, you won’t have to fight the crowds for a coveted spot at the charging station!

Try a Portable Charger

Do you have a long flight or wait time ahead of you? Try investing in a portable charger to help your devices make it through a full travel day! Portable chargers are small, easy-to-use, and mean you can charge your phone without ever having to leave your seat!

How do you manage flying during the holidays? let us know in the comments!