When you think of a National Park, do sprawling mountain ranges and 10-mile hikes pop into your head? Let us change your mind!

Check out these city-based parks to help Pack Up + Go honor April as National Keep America Beautiful Month.


MLK Birthplace House

Where: Atlanta, GA

What: This historic building sits near the heart of Atlanta. The house’s yellow siding and brown trim are untouched from the first twelve years that Dr. King lived in the home. As one of the few ranger-led activities in Georgia’s National Historic Park, a tour of the house is free but in high demand. Make sure to arrive early + be prepared to wait for the incredible history of the house!

Women’s Rights Historical Park

Where: Seneca Falls, NY

What: In July of 1848, activists in Seneca Falls held their first Women’s Rights Convention. Pioneering women took it upon themselves to lobby for civil rights, human rights + equality! In the present day, the convention location and houses of the activists stand as a symbol to persistence in Women’s Rights National Park. It’s free to visit the 4 major buildings in the park, so grab your picket sign and connect with your inner feminist!


Alcatraz Island

Where: San Francisco, CA

What: Understandably, Alcatraz Island is known for the infamous federal prison that sits high above its shores. But past the looming penitentiary sits many historic sites! The island is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and offers a close-up look at many firsts. The first lighthouse + US built fort on the West Coast sit on its grounds as well as an account of the 18-month residency by the activist group Indians of All Tribes. Once you’ve explored the history of the island be sure to check out the amazing views of the San Francisco Bay.


Gateway Arch

Where: St. Louis, MI

What: Standing high above the city of St. Louis, slightly swaying when an enormous gust of wind blows by, is the Gateway Arch! The tall metal structure was created to memorialize Thomas Jefferson, the Pioneers who were the first to travel west, and the progressive civil rights figure Dred Scott. This park can be enjoyed by boat, movie screening, or tram! For our travelers who aren’t afraid of heights, grab a ticket for the ride to the top of the arch and take in the unparalleled views of the surrounding St. Louis city.

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Jazz Historical Park

Where: New Orleans, LA

What: What better place to have the Jazz National Park than New Orleans? Rangers and visitors alike are passionate about the rhythmic music genre at this park. To celebrate its history, the park can suggest the best places to listen to jazz in the city or steer you towards one of its own concerts at the performance venue. Travel to the place where jazz all began for a personalized experience - self-guided tours, biographies + expert accounts!


Independence Historical Park

Where: Philadelphia, PA

What: The pursuit of freedom led our country’s leaders to Philadelphia in 1776. Now, over 200 years later we honor their courage + determination through Independence Historical Park. Although the park is known for the famous Liberty Bell and site where both The Declaration of Independence + the U.S. Constitution were signed, it is also home to historic museums, gardens, and squares! Whether you want to visit famous attractions or discover the nation’s past on your own, this National Park is the perfect place for any type of history buff.

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Boston Historical Park

Where: Boston, MA

What: Spanning across 43 acres from Boston to Charleston, this National Park details the story of how the American Revolution began. Due to the amount of diverse sites in the city, the park partners with other companies + organizations to create the Freedom Trail. This trail encompasses every museum, church, graveyard, ship, and important location that was involved in the American Revolution. Not sure where to begin? Embark on a public or private tour or download the Boston Historical Park app and become your own guide!

Do you have a national park in your hometown city?

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