From a thrilling outdoor adventure, to a lakeside picnic, or watching a gorgeous sunset, there’s no denying that our natural surroundings enhance our travels in so many ways.  As a small business, Pack Up + Go is committed to inspiring positive change and conscious consumption, which is why we’re excited to partner with Carbonfund.org to combat the impact that travel has on the environment.

Air travel is one of the highest contributors to CO2 emissions; a cross-country flight in the United States emits more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide. As a team who loves to travel and explore the world, we also respect the environment and want to do everything we can to help neutralize our footprint so that future generations can enjoy the same experiences we’ve been fortunate to have.

At Pack Up + Go, we have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place for both our travelers and the environment.

We hope that you’ll support us in this mission!

Here’s how Pack Up + Go is getting involved:

  • Our team in Pittsburgh will volunteer our time with local organizations to enhance our city’s parks + public spaces.

  • Our travelers will receive plantable seed cards in their trip envelope – we want everyone to return from their trip and to plant a flower! Every little bit counts, after all.

  • We will make a monetary donation to Carbonfund.org, who actively works to offset carbon emissions through large-scale projects both in the United States and overseas.

- Lillian Rafson, CEO + Founder


Why Offset Carbon?

Pack Up + Go started as a dream to help Americans explore their country with spontaneity + ease. It is our mission to help travelers explore more destinations, more frequently, with more confidence. We have this dream because we love the many sweeping landscapes, cities, and sites around the USA and want everyone to appreciate them as much as we do. Likewise, we are passionate about keeping our environment clean and safe for years to come.

How then do we reconcile that the methods for traveling to our surprise destinations involve a car, a plane, or a train, and all three emit carbon into the atmosphere?

We have no interest in stopping you from traveling and since teleportation hasn’t been invented yet, you have no other choice but to use a method that emits carbon (even indirectly, in the case that you are using an electric vehicle), so we are giving back by investing in efforts that offset the carbon our travelers use when they travel.

What does it mean to offset carbon?

Offsetting carbon means making efforts to reduce avoidable carbon waste in other ways - such as making existing processes more efficient, creating less wasteful energy sources, and investing in “reforestation” to rebuild our Earth’s natural defense system - trees.


Carbonfund.org is leading the fight against global warming, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce + offset their climate impact and quicken the transition to clean energy. They achieve these goals through:

  • Climate change education

  • Carbon offsets and reductions

  • Public outreach

The Carbonfree Partner program is an innovative and flexible way to help businesses calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprints. After signing on as a partner, users are entitled to decide which category they would like their monetary contributions to go to. Individuals can also sign up to offset personal carbon usage - the average is 50,000 pounds per year per person! Becoming a Carbonfund Partner will help the environment, fight global warming, and help make the transition to a clean energy future possible.

Their Mission: Toward a ZeroCarbon World

“We encourage everyone to continually strive to reduce their carbon footprint through sensible energy reductions combined with cost-effective carbon offsets to eliminate their overall carbon footprint.”

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How do they make an impact?

The projects that Carbonfund.org supports fall into three buckets - Energy Efficiency, Forestry, Renewable Energy. 

You may be familiar with the term renewable energy, but energy efficiency is a bit different. While renewable energy projects reduce the need to produce more energy from dirty sources in the future, energy efficiency projects reduce the need to produce more energy now. They are also among the most cost-effective ways to reduce carbon emissions, making investment in energy efficiency a key part of fighting climate change. Energy efficiency can refer to any project that applies new technologies, processes or practices to achieve the same outcome while using less energy. Opportunities like this can be found in all sectors of the economy: industrial, transportation and residential.

Reforestation, the process of replanting an area with trees, and forest preservation carbon offset projects are part of the global warming solution.  Reforestation and avoided deforestation projects are critical because about 11-14% of all global warming is attributed to deforestation, which reduces the Earth’s capacity to absorb carbon dioxide. Moreover, fallen trees decompose and release methane, a heat-trapping gas about 25 times more potent than CO2. Deforestation accounts for more global carbon dioxide emissions than the entire global transportation sector!

In addition to creating more energy efficient projects that reduce the need for energy in the present, Carbonfund.org also has a focus on create more sustainable renewable energy options. Renewable energy is critical in the effort to combat climate change. Not only do we need to use less energy in everyday life, our energy sources must shift to a low-carbon economy and away from oil and coal. Experts agree we need a substantial reduction in CO2 and that there are many benefits to renewable energy.

This organization is working to create lasting change on a global scale, but there are many ways that we can all work to reduce waste, responsible source our daily goods, and support organizations that work to keep our environment clean and healthy for everyone.

Make an impact, donate today!