In March, Pack Up + Go called for submissions to design our new postcard that will be included with every surprise envelope that we send to our travelers!

We were extremely lucky to have received many beautiful works of illustration, including a design from Becky Mickletz!

Image Courtesy of  Rebecca Mickletz

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Mickletz

From the Designer

Image Courtesy of  Rebecca Mickletz

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Mickletz

  • What is your name?

  • Where do you call home?

    • Denver, CO

  • What inspires your design work the most?

    • Concert posters have always drawn me in. They often require strategic typography (AKA a lot of info in a little space) and I like that challenge. Plus you are forced to tell a little bit of a story in one single frame. Aside from music, Monty Python has always inspired me. The mixed media, hidden messages and wit are my kind of cup of whiskey.

  • What are your favorite mediums to work with?

    • Print / posters and experiential marketing events.

  • What about your art are you most proud of?

    • I love the posters I did to promote the 2017 Spring Tour for Silversun Pickups. I did a lot of mixed media for those and fiiiiiiine detail.

  • What do you enjoy most about creating?

    • Problem solving and creating something that impacts a person so much that they want to keep it forever. I also love educating my client and really building out their bada$$ brand with them that will truly thrive.

  • What challenges have you faced as a creator?

    • I can be my own worst enemy, which can sometimes lead to overthinking. It can also help my design and take it to the next level. Other times it makes a design too busy and takes away from the initial creative mission.

  • What do you think makes you unique?

    • I would consider myself a chameleon and it makes me a strong hype woman for my clients. I don't just skim the surface to create a design, I dig DEEP! It is a large part of why I love what I do.

  • If you had to describe your style in 3 words, what would they be?

    • Bold, thought-out + innovative

  • Anything else you want to tell us about your art, style, or process?

    • I absolutely love looking at the bigger picture for a project. A brand isn't just a brand, it's a first impression. Whenever I create, I do so much research to make sure we have a strong base and it also allows me to pull in a number of factors to create bigger and more effective projects down the line. A lot of times clients don't see just how much the design can evolve; I love showing them!

Image Courtesy of  Rebecca Mickletz

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Mickletz

The Fun Stuff

  • What is your favorite spot to visit in the Denver, CO?

  • What is your favorite food or restaurant to enjoy in your city?

  • What is your favorite spot in the U.S to travel to + why?

    • Big Sur, CA has always had a special place in my heart. Mother nature, babyyyy!

  • Which of the five senses do you appreciate the most when you travel and why?

    • Sight. There are just some things a mental picture can't replace and truly live up to the saying "it's a sight to see."

  • Do you have a travel memory that is important to you?

    • Driving up the West Coast from CA to OR is one for the books. The views and smells of the coast are irreplaceable and I remember taking that drive and realizing that moving West was the right decision for me after living away from my family on the East coast for over 5 years at that point.

  • What would the name of your biography be?

    • Snack Eater, Outfit Repeater

  • What is your favorite 90s jam?

  • Wanna check out her website? See it here: https://www.remickz.com/

  • Wanna peruse her Instagram? See it here: https://www.instagram.com/remickz/

Image Courtesy of  Rebecca Mickletz

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Mickletz

Image Courtesy of  Rebecca Mickletz

Image Courtesy of Rebecca Mickletz

Becky’s Winning Design: