Self-care is a topic that is talked about endlessly in the media, on blogs, and from our friends + family, but what does it really mean to maintain self-care?

Self-care and travel are completely intertwined in my opinion. Every time I’ve felt overwhelmed, stressed out, or confused, travel has been my solution. “Travel” doesn’t have to mean a three week international vacation - a day trip out of the city or a change of scenery does the trick. Stepping out of my daily routine allows me to think in new ways, explore new ideas, and expand my imagination


I always come back from my travels feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and energized...but then the cycle begins again. I get caught up with work, over-commit to plans, make too many to-do lists, and it’s like the refreshing feeling from my getaway is a distant memory. 

I always strive to incorporate self-care and reflection into my daily routine, but between balancing a business, fitness, friends, and family (+ a puppy!), it’s hard. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a week in New York with the Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program, where I met the founder of Silk + Sonder, Meha Agrawal. Luckily for me - and the millions of us out there who could use some self-care - Meha is hard at work building a solution to this problem.

Silk + Sonder is, “the first ever monthly planning experience aimed to empower you to live the life you've always wanted.” The planners are beautifully and thoughtfully designed, and most importantly, allow you to start each month anew. Each edition asks you to set intentions and goals for the month ahead, while providing space to plan out your week and month. It provides prompts that don’t feel overwhelming, but allows you the space to reflect. I’ve tried for years to stick to New Year’s resolutions or annual planners with little success, but having a thoughtfully curated notebook to help me plan out the immediate future is something I can definitely get behind. Setting short term goals (like budgeting to save money for a future trip!) allows me to work more concretely towards achieving my bigger goals in life without feeling overwhelmed by the steps it will take me to get there. 


If I can bring even a fraction of the introspection and self-care I embrace during my travels to my everyday life, I know that I will feel more centered more consistently.

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What are your best practices for maintaining your self-care after vacation?