Realistically, how often do we take the time to do something totally random on a whim with our partner?

Taking a mystery vacation or planning a spontaneous getaway is something many of us think about, but rarely act upon. 

Written by Lillian Rafson

Here are a few ways to incorporate surprise and mystery into your love life - or friendships - this fall.

  • Mystery travel! 

    We’re biased, but we think that a mystery vacation is the easiest way to travel while creating lasting memories. With wedding season behind us, treat yourself to a random vacation that’s truly just for fun. When was the last time you and your partner were both surprised together? The anticipation leading up to your surprise getaway is thrilling, but the experience of opening your envelope together at the airport is one of the most spontaneous things you can do as a couple! 

The best part? Nobody is in charge of planning, so you both get to travel stress-free instead of hunting around for vacation ideas!

  • 2. Take a stay-cation!

Can’t get away for a whole weekend? No problem! A random stay-cation in your own city is a really fun way to switch things up. You’ll be shocked by how refreshed you feel after just one night “away.” For last-minute deals, you can use apps like HotelTonight, which offer rooms at premium properties for lower rates. 

Though a stay-cation doesn’t incorporate mystery in your travel, it can still incorporate spontaneity! Stepping out of your routine and staying in a new neighborhood is a really fun way to explore a new part of the city you might not visit on a regular weekend. You might even want to take a self-guided food tour - get one appetizer to share at a few restaurants you’ve never tried in a new neighborhood! You might just be surprised by what you stumble upon in your own backyard.

Or, check out Facebook or local magazines + blogs to find random events happening around your city. Pick an event at a venue you’ve never been to before and attend! This mystery might reveal a new random hobby or interest, and is a great way to meet new people in your hometown!

  • Take turns planning a mystery day for each other!

Alternate weekends planning a day full of surprises for one another. Think about small things your partner may have mentioned on a whim that they’re interested in doing or trying. Try to avoid things that you want to do, but things that would genuinely excite your partner and make them feel spontaneous and special. 

Again, ‘surprise’ does not have to mean ‘expensive’! You can find free events happening around town and plan your day around that. Maybe pick a new breakfast spot before the event and a place to grab drinks after! Or, you can select a few recipes, go to the farmer’s market in the afternoon, and keep the finished product a surprise until dinner time. Perhaps you can hike to a new peak for a romantic sunset picnic! 

To build up the anticipation ahead of this mystery excursion, take a cue from Pack Up + Go - give your partner packing tips and small clues ahead of time. Will they need hiking boots? A bathing suit? Clothes for a night on the town? What time should they expect to be ready? Incorporating clues into your mystery only adds to the excitement and will create a fun grand reveal! 

Spontaneity + mystery don’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of your time to plan. There are so few times in life that allow for genuine adventure. So, this fall, we challenge you to take the time to indulge in a little more surprise! 

How you involve surprises in your life and relationships? Let us know below!