Testimonial Tuesday

Ever wonder what traveler's think of Pack Up + Go vacations? Here is you chance to find out!

Read more from our traveler, Darren, + his trip to New Orleans!

Why did you choose a Pack Up + Go Surprise Vacation?

My co-worker and I were looking for a simple getaway. We both have very scheduled managerial jobs + we were looking for a way for someone to plan a trip for us with a little bit of mystery and excitement to shake things up! My co-worker knew about Pack Up and Go, so we decided to give it a try.


Did Pack Up + Go take your interests into consideration?


The entire experience was magical and excellent from the very beginning. From the questionnaire to the arrangements, Pack Up + Go was beyond thorough and detailed. We told them we both loved history, culture, live music, and great food, so our surprise destination turned out to be New Orleans! We were THRILLED!

What made the trip truly memorable?

Pack Up + Go arranged all of our hotel and travel without an ounce of hassle. But the best thing was their clever organization of the trip and knowledge of the destination. Since we were going to New Orleans, they could have easily given us all of the touristy things to do. But they knew better! We would be able to find those activities on our own. They gave us local suggestions based on their research and discussions with people who live there, which was truly the best thing we could have experienced. That made the trip even more exciting because we felt we were getting the inside experience.

Why would you recommend Pack Up + Go to other travelers?

Every suggestion, from meals to sites was 100% on point. They even provided us with little surprises including an Uber gift card to help us around the city (so helpful!), a morning message at our luxurious hotel, and a museum day at the WWII museum, which was unforgettable. As history buffs, we were both in our glory. I cannot recommend Pack Up and Go enough. It was truly an unforgettable trip. We loved it so much, we may even make a trip asan annual event! 

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