Staying healthy can mean many things. Whether you want to make sure you are preventing sickness or keeping your healthy lifestyle in a new city, this guide will give you some tips and tricks.

Written by Kelly Schanes

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1. Active Sightseeing

Cities offer so many ways to stay active. Get your exercise while having a great time with these suggestions!

Pedal around the city

Bike tours are a great way to see a good amount of are in cities. Many cities are starting to adopt bike share programs where bikes around the city are available for short term use for a low cost. Rent on of these for a healthy way to see the sites (just make sure you are paying attention to the traffic laws!). If you want a more structured tour of the city, you can take a group bike tour. Take a look at some our partners in different cities!

Austin Bike Rentals and Tours (Austin)

Urban Adventours (Boston)

Fat Tire Tours (Chicago, New Orleans, and Washington, D. C.)


Feeling adventurous? Get a new look of a city from the water with a kayak tour (like this one Portland, ME!)  or do some hiking to see breathtaking views (Can we offer anyone stellar views of the Rocky Mountains with Aspire tours in Denver?). No matter what venture you go on, adventurous sightseeing activities promise great workouts + great times.


When you go on your surprise vacation, you are going to want to explore! Instead of taking an Uber or a Lyft to various locations, why not walk if it is close? Make the most out of walking to different places by looking for cute or fun places to stop that you may have missed driving to make your experience even better.  

If you want to walk the city with a group, there various types of walking tours available that hit the main sights + give an insight into the history of the area. Here are some examples!

Bulldog Tours (Charleston)

Founding Footsteps Walking Tour (Philadelphia)

Walk the Burgh Tours (Pittsburgh)

2. Take care of the inside

You want to be feeling your best when exploring. Here are some tips for staying healthy!

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the key to staying healthy during your trips. Whether you have spent the day walking to the main tourist attractions or exploring the local bar scene, dehydration is the last thing you want on your vacation. Before you leave for your adventures for the day, make sure you pack a water bottle (lots of bonus points if the water bottle is reusable!).  

Watching out for germs

Let’s face it. Traveling is not always the most sanitary activity. A portable container of hand sanitizer is a must-have for exploring new destinations + traveling on planes. Pop some on after touching objects that you know a good amount of people have touched and you are one step closer to staying healthy on your vacation. You could also take preventative measures before you step on your airplane- some vitamins help to prevent sickness!

3. Take Care of the Outside


Even on the hottest + sunniest days, sunscreen is a very easy thing to forget. You may be so eager to start your adventure of the day that it slips your mind or you may think that it is harder to get burned while in the city. Sunburn is painful and will definitely hinder your experience so make sure you have a travel-size container or you buy some when you get to your destination!

Aloe Vera

In the case that you forget sunscreen or did not put it on quite well enough (we’ve all been there), Aloe Vera is a lifesaver when it comes to burns. Soothe the discomfort + get back to exploring. 


Bandaids are always good to have while traveling.  Since they are so easy to carry, take a few just in case you get a scratch or blisters from walking. You may not need them, but they are better to have than to not!

4. Eating Well

Eat Breakfast

The first tip to eating well is to eat breakfast.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many people skip it and go straight into their day. You are going to need the energy to explore. Whether you stop for foods at a local cafe, hot brunch spot, or pancake hotspot, you are doing your body a favor by fueling up!

Eat Healthily

In a city, it will be easy to find places that have healthy options. After treating yourself to many of the glorious food options that the city you are staying in has to offer, it will be easy to find a healthy option no matter where you are! Here are some of the great healthy places in some of our top cities:

Snack Lab (Bentonville)

Wild Route (Boise)

Vedge (Philadelphia)

Cafe Gratitude (San Diego)

5. Sleep

Since our surprise vacations are only 3-days long, it may be tempting to try to stay up extremely late + do as much as you possibly can in one day. However, we urge you to take care of yourself! Your body will need to recover after all the fun activities that you did during the day. Try to head to bed at a reasonable hour to make sure you are energized for the next day.

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Where are your go-to ways to stay healthy while traveling?