Did you know that Pack Up + Go has a staff member on call 24/7 in case you need something while you’re traveling?

Written by Jordan Tobe

For any questions that come up, for canceled or delayed flights, to act as a liaison between you and an activity provider, or for help with anything else that may arise while you’re on your trip, there is someone just a call, text, or email away! At Pack Up + Go we pride ourselves on being able to provide an incredible travel experience, which includes a real human on our team to help you if things don’t go completely as planned.

We get it – traveling to a mystery destination can be nerve-wracking. Not only is your destination a surprise, but you also will not have a hand in booking your flights, hotel, or activities.

So, what happens when plans change?

Flight Cancellations:

One unfortunate, yet common example of an unexpected change in travel is a canceled flight. We’ve all been there – you’ve arrived at the airport bright and early for your flight and are waiting patiently at the gate when you hear the announcement: “Flight 867 to Portland has been canceled.” Luckily, at Pack Up + Go we’ve helped travelers through this scenario a number of times, and are well-equipped to help you handle the situation. Give us a call and we can begin to explore options with you! We will work with the airline’s customer support staff to get you on the next best flight, or give you the information you need to do so at the airport. (Keep in mind that we are able to provide a lot more options in these kinds of situations if you purchased travel insurance before your trip!)  

Cancellations For Personal Reasons:

Picture this - it’s one week before your Pack Up + Go trip and you’re excitedly scrolling through your “one week until departure email,” when your boss calls and tells you she needs you to travel to a conference next week. No exceptions. Now what? 

At Pack Up + Go we know that things come up! Whether it’s due to work obligations, health concerns, or other emergency situations, a Pack Up + Go team member will work with you to determine your best option for canceling your trip. If you have purchased travel insurance through TripAssure and you are canceling your Pack Up + Go getaway for a covered reason, we will help you file a claim to receive a full refund so that you can travel with us again sometime in the future! If you have not purchased travel insurance, then we are, unfortunately, at the mercy of the airline and hotel’s policies. If you're able to travel at a later date, we will help you rebook at as low a cost as possible. Or, we can cancel your reservations completely, and try to get refunds from the airline and hotel. No matter the situation, there is always a Pack Up + Go staff member available to make the process simple and seamless, so that adjusting your travel plan is as stress-free as possible!

So, whether you want to change your dinner reservation, see if you can get onto a food tour for the next day, get some input on a flight delay, or want a specific recommendation for ice cream shops in your destination, we are here to help! 




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