Health Insurance? Sure.

Car Insurance? Got it.

Travel Insurance? What the heck is that?!?

Trust us - you are not alone!

Travel insurance has existed for a while but the popularity of purchasing it has increased significantly in the last several years and we want to make sure you are have the information you need to decide if getting travel insurance is right for you.


What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance protects both you + your wallet against a variety of unforeseeable incidents that may affect you or your travel plans. Having it gives consumers peace of mind when booking a trip that they will be reimbursed for part of or all their expenses should an undesirable event occur which prompts cancellation or interruption of the trip. Policies can be purchased for U.S. and international travel!

We partner with TripAssure to offer travel insurance for your Pack Up + Go trip. Once you have signed up for your trip, we can send you a quote and you can decide later if you would like to purchase a policy!

What will it Cost?

Travel insurance generally costs between 4% - 8% of the total trip. Cost is based on the length of trip, destination, and age of policy holder.

Are There Different Plans?

Travel insurers recognize that not all travelers or trips have the same needs, so they do have different levels of coverage. For example, TripAssure has three different levels, Asset, Bridge, and Complete. The difference between the levels are both cost and coverage for the traveler. Travel insurance offerings differ by the length of trip, destination, and age of policy holder. You can find out more information about what plans are available for you here.

Examples of levels of coverage, courtesy of  TripAssure

Examples of levels of coverage, courtesy of TripAssure

Why might I need Travel Insurance?

Emergencies happen when you least expect it. Travel protection provides coverage for trip cancellations (including airline cancellations), trip interruptions, medical + dental related issues, emergency assistance and transportation, baggage issues (including baggage delay), and much more. Keep reading for more in-depth examples and explanations! 


We have all been there - the trip is planned, your bag is packed, your mind is checked out + in vacation mode and then a thunderstorm hits. Your flight is delayed for an undisclosed amount of time and the start of your perfect vacation is anything but. The storm is getting worse, the airline has no new information, and you’re not going to make it to your destination for the first night of your hotel stay. The Hamilton tickets you snagged for the evening will go unused and cause a $700 disappointment before you’ve even left your hometown. Luckily, you purchased Travel Insurance and can take action. 

Travel Insurance can help cover a new flight, including a different airline, help cover hotel stays if you get stranded, and help get you reimbursed for any pre-purchased, non-refundable tickets you have. When we talk about the weather and air travel, bigger weather events, like hurricanes and snowstorms, often come to mind. We forget about the more common weather-related issues, like rain and wind, and how they can impact air travel. Sometimes the issues aren’t even in your location. Storms in other parts of the country can cause a chain reaction if a plane that you are supposed to get on in Phoenix is unable to leave Chicago.

Travel insurance can also help you out when the trip has to be fully canceled because of something like a mandatory evacuation or another weather issue that forces you to stop your trip before it even started. 


Baggage Loss / Baggage Damage

Coverage is available (up to a certain amount per plan) for baggage and personal effects, passports and visas that are lost, stolen, or damaged during your covered trip. Coverage is also available for those moments where you get to your final destination...but your luggage doesn’t. Baggage Delay coverage provides reimbursement for the purchase of necessary personal effects while on your trip, up to the amount listed in the schedule, including sports equipment, if checked baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours during your covered trip. Make sure to keep your receipts for anything that you may purchase!

You must immediately report the loss to the hotel manager, tour guide or representative, transportation official, local police or other local authorities and obtain their written report of your loss; and submit documentation for your loss, including all receipts for the necessary purchases made and documentation for reimbursements received from a responsible party and take all reasonable steps to protect, save or recover your baggage and personal effects.

Travel Delay

Provides reimbursement for reasonable expenses incurred such as accommodations, meals and local transportation, even additional kenneling fees if you are delayed for 12 hours or more during your trip due to a covered reason. $150 - $200 daily spending, depending on your plan.

You Never Know What Might Happen: Trip Cancellations

Trip Cancellations Coverage: reimburses you for unused, non-refundable, pre-paid trip costs if you must cancel your trip for a covered reason. Check out the list of covered reasons below.


Airlines cancelling flights + Airline changes: As a travel agency that deals with airlines and flights all day, every day, we can tell you there are a lot of unexplained cancellations. It can be immensely frustrating to be heading to the airport to depart on your vacation and the flight is cancelled until tomorrow. For short trips like Pack Up + Go surprise weekends, every moment counts and having to wait around is not an option. Having Travel Insurance in this instance can help you pay for a replacement flight so that you can start your trip when you planned to! Another pesky airline issue that we have seen arise is when the airline changes the details of your flight without warning. Your direct flight from NYC to Austin? Let’s throw in an 8-hour layover for no reason. WHAT?!? It has happened and it will continue to happen. Again, Travel Insurance can help you to get on a new flight, even with a new airline carrier, so that you can get into #VacationMode as soon as possible. 

Business Trips - In the unfortunate situation where your place of work just can’t go on without you and you need to cancel your trip on a whim due to a business trip or another business related reason.

“Cancel for Any Reason”: Although there are a great many covered reasons for Trip Cancellation, not every possible reason is covered. Travel protection plans generally do not cover a change of mind or other similar discretionary reasons.

Trip Cancellation For Any Reason coverage is optional and allows the traveler freedom to cancel a trip for any reason whatsoever (48 hours or more before the scheduled departure date) and be reimbursed for 75% of the trip cost insured. Of course, if a trip is canceled for a covered reason, then reimbursement would be at 100% of the trip cost insured under the Trip Cancellation coverage.

Important Tip!

Trip Cancellation For Any Reason is time sensitive and must be purchased within 15 days of the date of the initial deposit or payment for the trip.

Relationship Ended: As sad as it is to admit, we have experienced trips needing to be cancelled due to the end of a relationship. Having the Trip Cancellation For Any Reason coverage would help you recoup the cost of your vacation in this instance.

Sick/Hurt/In need of a Medical Procedure: Provides coverage for the necessary medical, surgical and emergency dental care costs if you become sick or accidentally injured while on your covered trip. Additionally, it helps you recoup your costs if you need to cancel your trip outright prior to departure due to injury or illness.

Trip interruption: The Trip Interruption Benefit reimburses you for unused land or water travel arrangements, plus additional airfare to return home or rejoin your trip when you must interrupt your trip for a covered reason.

Now the tough question - is Travel Insurance Right For You?

When determining whether travel insurance is right for you, ask yourself the following basic questions:

  • Can I afford the financial risk of losing my vacation investment if something goes wrong due to illness, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances?

  • If I have to cut my trip short because of an emergency can I afford the cost of a return airline trip home?

  • Does my health insurance cover me away from home if I become ill or am injured while traveling?

  • If my bags are lost or I have to spend an extra night because of weather-related problems, can I afford to buy replacement necessities and pay for extra lodging?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “no”, chances are that travel insurance could be a wise investment to help save your money in case of a vacation interruption or emergency. If you are still unsure, head to TripAssure for more info or ask a member of our team for more information.


Want more information? Head to TripAssure for even more resources and details on their plans. 

Happy Travels!