The Pack Up + Go travel experience is all about you - what you like to do on getaways, the city vibe you most enjoy, and the memories you want to take home! While our travel agents are gifted in the art of planning, your input is key to creating the perfect trip for you. Here are a couple of tips for completing your pre-trip survey that will better ensure that you enjoy a great getaway!

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  1. Where are you departing from?

    • We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but not all airports grant equal access to each possible destination. Keep this in mind as you plan for your Pack Up + Go trip. Smaller, regional airports offer fewer airline, departure, and destination options. If you are able to get to a bigger airport, let us know. This will open up your flight options - and might get you to the perfect destination sooner or without layovers! In the past, some travelers have made the choice to stay in an airport hotel nearby to catch an early flight out the next day to avoid the long drive the day of departure.

    • For those of you who aren’t within reasonable driving distance of a large airport or who prefer to fly out of your local airport, no worries - we can absolutely plan a trip for you that meets these needs. In these cases, we advise selecting a budget of at least $750/person, as flights can often be more expensive from smaller airports. If you have specific questions about your departing airport and the dates you would like to travel, feel free to reach out to the travel planning team for more advice.

    • Key takeaway: the average price of a ticket ranges from airport to airport and destination to destination, so it might be worth doing a little bit of research before selecting your Pack Up + Go budget!

  2. When are you traveling?

    • Holiday Weekends:

      • Half-days and OOO messages have you daydreaming of endless vacation possibilities? We totally get it. The only problem? Everyone’s thinking the same thing, so flight and hotel prices skyrocket during these dates. Does that mean you shouldn’t ever travel on holiday weekends? Of course not! Just be aware that the same budget may not go as far as it would during a non-holiday weekend. Despite the holiday weekend, we still want to get you to a destination you’ll love and suggest selecting a budget of at least $850/person on holiday weekends (or more if you fall into our smaller airport category mentioned above). If you are able to plan your trip on a non-holiday weekend, you may have a more enjoyable experience for a few reasons: Holidays, spring break season, and 3-day weekends (like Presidents’ Day + Memorial Day) tend to be busier travel times in general, leading to congestion at airports, surge pricing for hotels and airlines, and issues that are not as common during non-peak weekends. If the holidays are your best option for travel, we will be here to help you have an incredible time, even if you do face some of these issues. If you’re not tied to a holiday, though, think about choosing a quieter time!  Not sure if the dates you want to travel are a holiday weekend? Feel free to ask our expert team!

    • Weather:

      • We want Pack Up + Go travelers to have the best vacation possible, which is why we ask those vacationing in the winter months what climate they prefer. If you want to hit the beach in January, you’re not alone! Since so many people try to fly south during colder seasons, travel and accommodation prices rise. If escaping winter is your main aim, be sure to select a higher budget that will help you get to warmer weather. Please also keep in mind that even our warmest destination cities still experience cooler temperatures in the winter months! We’ll do our best to send you somewhere warmer than your hometown, but know that we can’t (yet) control the weather.

  3. Is it important that activities are included, or do you want to plan those when you arrive?

    • The budgets for Pack Up + Go trips vary widely, from $400/person all the way up to $5,000. Travelers often ask us how to choose “the right amount”. Let us try to answer that question: All budgets guarantee fantastic accommodations with one of our stellar hotel or bed and breakfast partners (check out our website to see examples). While your budget includes the cost of travel for plane and train trips, road trip travelers are responsible for gas and transportation costs - though the budget will cover valet parking in your destination if available. After our travel agents have picked an amazing surprise destination for you and taken care of lodging (+ travel costs, if applicable), they use any remaining funds on activities and add-ons that fit your interests. Extras might include gift cards to restaurants or ride sharing platforms; tickets to tours, shows, or attractions; or unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. If it is important to you that activities are included in your trip, we suggest selecting a higher budget and letting us know that you’re interested in activities in the “anything else we need to know?” section of your survey. Keep in mind that a “higher budget” is relative, and may look different from trip to trip. The factors previously discussed (departing airport + time of year) greatly influence the overall cost of your trip and can completely change what is provided. If you have budget questions specific to your trip, feel free to reach out. One of our expert agents will happily chat with you to think about how best to plan and budget.

  4. Do you have specific interests?

    • Though we’d love to have this superpower, we are not mind-readers. We don’t know your go-to dishes at your favorite restaurant, whether you prefer to spend your free time with a book or at a bar, or if you’re terrified of heights or have been skydiving eight times! To help us get to know you and plan a trip that feels perfect and personalized, we love when you include information about yourself on the pre-trip survey. We do ask about general travel preferences and interests by default, but if you have specific interests, dislikes, hobbies, or preferences, tell us about them in the “anything else we need to know?” section. We are here to plan a trip for you, so the more information you include, the better. Don’t feel like sharing? We strive to make the best possible vacations for each of our travelers, so we’ll still consider the categories you’ve already listed in your survey as we plan!

  5. Extra Budget - What matters to you?

    • Remember when we mentioned that we are sometimes able to include activities, gift cards, or tours in with Pack Up + Go trips? Our travel agents use information from your pre-trip survey to decide what add-ons to include, and they love when you tell them what type of extra you’d most enjoy. For example, not all foodies love food tours - some would rather try a DIY scavenger hunt for the best spots in the city and save that food tour money for a comedy show after dinner. If you’ve got thoughts about where you’d like your money to go, let us know!  While we can’t guarantee that these add-ons will be included, it never hurts to share how you would like us to spend any extra money.

Made it to the end, but still aren’t sure what the pre-trip survey is?

Allow us to elaborate. The survey is the first step in the Pack Up + Go journey. Travelers (like you!) come to our sign-up page, where they choose a road or plane/train trip, number of travelers, and budget per person. From there, they fill out the survey, giving our trip planners the information they’ll need to design an unforgettable vacation. Remember--the more info you share, the better prepared our planners are to craft the perfect experience.

Still have questions? Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call: 412-448-2700.

We can’t wait to send you somewhere soon!