Q: Why did you sign up for your trip? What were you looking to get out of it?

A: We were planning our wedding and wanted to go on a quick trip right afterward to celebrate since we couldn’t travel extensively until the summer. However, we were so burnt out from wedding planning that we just couldn’t plan anything else! So when I found Pack Up and Go, I knew we had to try it!

Q: Did you have any hesitations about taking a surprise trip? Were you nervous?

A: I am a control freak, so yes. But once we filled out our survey and everything was out of my hands, I had to let it go!

Q: Where did you guess you were going to travel? Were you surprised by the destination?

A: Based on the weather, we thought we would end up in Phoenix or Charleston. We were so surprised when we opened up the envelope and found out we were going to Denver!


Q: Upon discovery of your destination, what were some of your perceptions about the city prior to your trip?

A: I hadn’t been to Colorado since I went skiing there with my family when I was little… and had terrible altitude sickness. John had never been to Colorado before, but knew it was one of the square states in the middle of the country.


Q: What made the trip feel unique and tailored to you?

A: Once we looked at the itinerary and plan for the weekend, we knew we wanted to just follow all of Lillian’s suggestions. There was an awesome brunch spot as soon as we landed, some hiking, amazing restaurants for dinner and even a craft brewery crawl.


Q: What did you like most about your travel accommodations?

A: The hotel where we stayed, Hotel Monaco, was beautiful, friendly, and centrally located so it was easy for us to get around Denver.

Q: What was your favorite experience that we recommended for you?

A: Our favorite experiences (because we can’t agree on one) were hiking at Red Rocks and dinner at a restaurant called Acorn.


Q: What did you discover on your own (not on your itinerary) in your destination that you feel is share-worthy?

A: Nothing - we went to Snooze twice, since we liked it so much!


Q: What was your favorite part of your trip?

A: Our favorite part of the trip was being together in a new city as newlyweds!

Q: If you could do the trip over again, what would you do differently?

A: We would go for longer!

Q: What did you learn on your trip, or from your trip?

A: We learned that there are a lot of cities in the country that we need to explore. And we learned that you can see the mountains from inside the city of Denver.

Q: How would you describe Pack Up + Go and your experience to your friends and family?

A: We have been telling all of our friends and family that this is an amazing way to travel - it takes a lot of the stress off of the planner and adds a whole new element of surprise!

Q: What would you say to someone who is hesitant to go on a surprise getaway?

A: Just do it. It exceeded all of our expectations, and we can’t wait to go on another trip with Pack Up and Go!


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